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    Any good MMO's

    Please close and redirect me to another thread if there is already one open Are there any good MMORPGs that someone could recommend to me. That I could download at my computer??? I ran out of good ones.
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    the monstro level..to much for me

    You have to get them close and attack them all together
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    Those quotes from the game valor :an image of you using you strenght to its fullest flows in your mind wisdom :an image of you using you magical abilities to their fullest flows in your mind master :an image of you using all your abilities flows into your mind final : an image of you using...
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    You should practice those gamble games with the gambler nobodies, it helps
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    Nobody Weapons

    Oh, well i had a lucky guess ^ ^;; and I found the lance in the castle ( I think in the room that like only has Samurai and dragoons, that mirror like room that has a door for a second and then the back door dissapears and a front door appears) Something like that
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    Nobody Weapons

    You gotta gamble and win against the gambler nobodies, and for the lance, i just killed some of those (i dont know the names, the ones that look like dragoons, the ones Xaldin controls)
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    Nobody Weapons

    Yeah...I have that one too ^ ^
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    Nobody Weapons

    Ya those, I got mines in a strange way...I was gambling with those gambler nobodys, and picked up the guard, afterwards I killed that same one and got another more.
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    Nobody Weapons

    Did anyone else come across those nobody weapons for donald and goofy other than me?
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    Hades paradox cup, round 48

    Too bad you fight alone...Goofy's limit goofy whirl takes alot of hp out of them
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    Map card problem

    As bad as this may sound....you should go back to atlantica, tranverse town, agrabah, or olyumpas. That worked for me. Because notice how in the begining you would get 7's, 8's, and 9's