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    About Coded...

    So we all know that Coded is on Mobile Phones, but wont this mean that the game will be.. well... short? I mean, its not like you can fit a massive game onto a phone, so its more likely that this game will be relatively short... right? If so. That would be a shame, im looking forward to playing...
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    Kingdom Hearts RPG

    Does anyone know a decent Kingdom Hearts RPG on Ninemsn Groups? I've been looking for a while and i can't seem to find one, i've gotten to the point where im considering just making one myself, but before i do that i want to know if anyone would actually be interested in rping on it. Ive seen a...
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    wow. absolutely stunning. your descriptions are kick ass, and i feel like the story is gonna too. count me in.
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    Old BbS Scan Translated to English

    yes. yes please keep diong this. its probably alot of work for you but. anyway, i hope youll keep going cause that was heaps well translated and was good. Ive always wanted to read all them old ones. Thanks you veeeeeery much. =)
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    The ending a tearjerker?

    i must be dead inside. all these people crying during endings... i dont think this has ever happened to me. Perhaps I am the coldest, most emotionally void person on the planet? maybe...
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    Axel's/Nobody's Rebirth

    so its said that Axel will return as 'Ale' (or whatever his name is) in the hopefully upcoming Kh3. Perhaps the reason he was able to regain his heart was because his nobody sacraficed himself to save another, proving that he did indeed retain his feelings toward others. I mean, apart from...
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    Another theory, waiting to be killed by you all

    isn't it entirely possible that the true Xenohart will be in future KH Titles (assuming there will be a Kh3). I mean, his heartless was wiped out within Riku in TWTNW, and Xemnas was also destroyed. If when they are both destroyed they return to their former self, should that mean Xenohart will...
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    Can anybody help me...

    so... the old scens are in english. and all the new ones are in japanese? that'd get slightly annoying... still: thanks for helping
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    Can anybody help me...

    Ive finished KH2 and im thinking of getting Final Mix+ so i can play all the extra stuff aswell. But... Is the voice acting really in English? I just dont wanna get the game and not be able to understand any of it. Hopefully someone can help me?
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    358/2 Days

    I think this is the game i want the most out of the three. I mean.. i already own a DS... and the Org is simply awesome. Its gonna be sweet. Dual wielding Oblivion and Oathkeeper will kick ass.
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    im gonna have to go with Xigbar. He's just cool, compared to many of them who have little to no personality. Saix was badass, but he wasnt that well explained so im hopeing for him to be more in 358/2. And of course Axel. And of course Roxas.
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    Opinion on Demyx

    best Org members: Xigbar, Axel, Demyx and they also happen to be pretty much the only ones with any form of personality. Roxas too.. but just cause he is awesome. I can't wait to see his nobody personality more in 358/2 days. I dont think hell be llike what he was in TT, but yeah... Demyx is...
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    My input to the MX/Terra/Xenohart mystery

    Okay, i know what ur all gonna say: We wont know till the game comes out etc, etc, etc. But i just thought of something while thinking about a fanfic im working on, and decided i should share it with you all, even if its just a stupid idea. Maybe, in the end of the game (BBS) after the battle...
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    'An old friend'

    yeah that certainly makes sense, good stuff. i didnt pick up on alot of that ha.
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    'An old friend'

    Well... Isn't Ansem talking to Xenohart in those flashbacks, cause its when he's asking permission to pursue the experiments. I didnt know it was in HB, so... yeah, its still possibly not him but. Since i doubt Leon/Co would have found it, otherwise they woulda mentioned it to Sora. Besides...
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    'An old friend'

    *SPOILERS*: for those who have yet to play final mix I dunno if anyone else has noticed this, or if this is where i should be posting this but.. During the movie in which the hooded character types in the passwords and such and ends up at Aquas Armour has anyone noticed that at the start, when...