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    Axel/Roxas Story Translations!

    lol does anybody else notice the cleavage axel's got?
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    ES's KEYBLADE and Keychain

    tht's not a keyhole, i made this pic a long time ago,ES is the only one with the keyhole.
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    wait so we get a crown? but i wanted a keyblade. damn! i wish we could have gotten ES's keyblade.
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    okay we all know that nejiguy is a noobish liar, so maybe if we ignored him he'll go away. anyways, so was it a keyblade that he got, or something else?
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    wait, so we don't get a new keyblade?
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    okay so after watching the secret video a couple thousand times. i started to noctice something. take a look at this pic. see a connection? there are eyes on each of those two keyblades. now this isn't the first time we've seen this "eye" soul eater has the "eye" too. so are these new types...
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    Transformers:Power Of Prime

    "Year-3089,Time-1800 hours,our forces can't hold up much longer, The enemy has Destroyed the Main Power supply, The weapons systems are gone, we have no power. the base is falling to ruins, thousands of our men are dying, the Decipticons are almost here. If you can hear this, Please Send...
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    Pronouncing Namine

    well Nah-Mee-Nay is the correct japanese pronounciation, so i think it's fine.
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    Fanfiction ► Death To The Spider: A Marvel Tale.

    Intro: In the year 2006,New York City has seen many deaths of the heroes that prtected them, but one Death had a the biggest impact on them all,the one that they called Spiderman was dead,died in a horrible accident,spider-man's, now revealed to be Peter Parker , funeral was the biggest one...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Ultimania pics

    Dang those are some sweet pics, but no Keyblades yet, huh?
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    KH2 question *spoiler i guess*

    i believe that , when the real Ansem swithed his name to DiZ, Xenohart beacme the new ansem, and then Xenmaswas born from the new Ansem, and not DiZ
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    KH2 question *spoiler i guess*

    wait so the ansem in KH1 is Xenohart,an the Old blonde guy is is the real ansem, and Xenmas is Xenohart's nobody, cause Xenohart was a real person?
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    KH:Legion of Darkness

    it's been 2 years since Sora and Riku went back to Destiny Islands. everything was just fine until they got another Letter from King Mickey, Stating "Sora we are in need of your assistance once more,their has been a dark force aring from a new world that has never been seen before, Heartless and...
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    is kairi.......?

    is she namine, cuse in the ending movie sora, turns into roxas, and kairi into namine
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    Keyblade Tournament

    it's been thirty years sora's adventures, and Keyblades have been showing up everywhere. so the newly reformed Shin-ra corperation decided to start a Keyblade Tournametn, where fighters from all over the worlds, can come and battle it out for the grand prize, an ancient and legendary keyblade...
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    FF7AC Sequel?

    does anybody know where this came from? it looks like Ac, but the red guy isn't in it. somebody plz help me out. http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c298/zweihander01/ImgMacros/0dd1f21c.gif