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  1. Akans

    Best Organization Members in CoM

    Zex :D Cuz if i was an org member, I'd sit back and kill people off from the shadows. Screw cowardly, all's fair in love and war xD
  2. Akans

    Help/Support ► Please help and support me

    NOW we're degrading to useless drivel and nonsense. My post included. But seriously, hopefully you can solve this problem without resorting to anything desperate like telling him your lesbian. Just find the courage to speak up and tell him to back off or at least give yourself a little room...
  3. Akans

    Help/Support ► IB or no?

    IB is better if your planning to go to college outside of the United States, since its universally accepted in all countries. AP is better if you want to stay in America, because American colleges seem value AP higher for some screwed reason. In general. But it's changing quickly. Many...
  4. Akans

    Help/Support ► Please help and support me

    Get Mace. Just in case. Because that's kinda scary, especially since your not even dating him. Have you tried dating girls? That might put him off a bit....
  5. Akans

    Help/Support ► IB or no?

    Why did you have go to an IB camp? Oh dear lord no. Its damn harder than your parents think. In general the courses would be at AP level, with some variances (AP Chinese in my school is around a Chinese 4 class, IB Chinese is Chinese 5-6). You learn things in a much more in depth manner because...
  6. Akans

    to kill a mocking bird. well more like a crazy hippe with a sheild and a refrigerater

    Re: to kill a mocking bird. well more like a crazy hippe with a sheild and a refriger Break his cards. Whack away. Firaga when needed. Rinse and repeat. He's seriously not that hard. Learn his moves and how to dodge or block them. In general, try dodging rather than breaking, cuz that'll use...
  7. Akans

    Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

    Roflmao. It is really expensive =X Dnno if its true or not, but I heard some rumors that they *might* open a Disney World somewhere in Shanghai where I am. Like 50 years in the future maybe. O_O I would say lucky bastard but I happen to like my school xD Yeah................ no. Can't open it...
  8. Akans

    Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

    Well the way you worded it made it seem like you went yourself > < You are in Japan.... right? Well for all I know you could be living in America. =X lolz i sound like a creepy stalker xD Are you kidding me?? Never taken a final?? o_o I wanna move to your school lol > ,< O_O
  9. Akans

    Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

    Lol **SPAZZ**. Too much coffee, Rena? Roflmao. I have to quote that. And...OMG U WENT TO E3??? Bastard :P I'm stuck here in school with Sophmo--SUFFERMORE finals. Luckyy....Wait wasn't E3 in the States? And how'd you get an invite?? HOW??? WHY?? *Makes emo noises*
  10. Akans

    Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

    Join Rena's ToA. You can beat him up there :P Ven should be a heart surgeon. He'll be a miracle worker.
  11. Akans

    Fanfiction ► Betwixt + Between

    OMG ITS AOI!! Evil little git > <
  12. Akans

    Who else here hates premium cards?

    Actually, they're used for a sleight-based fighting style. For example, I set my deck so that every 3 cards makes a certain sleight to make training easier (e.g. Thundaga, Omnislash, Fire Raid, etc.) and if you use a premium for the first card of a sleight, then it duzn't matter if u lose it cuz...
  13. Akans

    Max the drive gauges?

    8 possible total gauges in KH2, but you only get to use 7 of 'em, cuz you get one from Xemmy and YOU CANT SAVE AFTER XEMMY. Which is totally pointless. You have the eight gauge for the space of... when the credits end. Then back to 7.
  14. Akans


    ...Yes... we know that.... we're not stupid. And real source? The minute a Nomura interview comes up, the forums starts lagging cuz so many ppl are viewing it.
  15. Akans

    Help with Emulator!

    Yeah it is against the rules. Anyways, emulators don't always work the way you want them to, especially if its a commercial game. My advice? Buy the game. And fix your PS2.
  16. Akans

    The Stolen Photos

    Lol double post? I hate it when my comp does that XD The photos thing is interesting, but I doubt it would be XIV. Firstly, who would it be? It would have to be someone in Twilight Town, otherwise Hayner, Pence, and Olette would be curious. The only one that comes to mind is that blue haired...
  17. Akans

    How to use the gold card?

    Just clear the whole map. When you first enter a world, you cant see any of the paths. You have to open them first. The room with the gold card is represented by a crown.
  18. Akans

    RE: CoM, created to answer questions?

    Re: CoM, created to answer questions? Maybe they just wanted to make money....? Be nice.
  19. Akans

    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    Not... really.... just run in circles on the square platform and you won't get hit once... Marly has a big-ass scythe. And your saying gravity-defying guns aren't practical? I would say using 8 weapons at a time is unpractical. But still, Xaldin was cool. He was the fastet and hardest to...
  20. Akans


    One piece of advice: Don't go crazy in DM. Sure your sleights kick-ass, but after using them 8 - 9 times, you'll have 2 cards left while he still has more than half hp. At least that's what happened to me XD.