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  1. The14thMusician

    New KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Info (Exact Release, Price and Cloud Costume image)

    Ooo sounds quite fancy, I like the Cloud costume option as well. I sadly can't afford it, but to those who can, gotta spill the beans once they play it xD Or I can content myself with watching youtube videos of it once they upload some once its out
  2. The14thMusician

    Level Grinding

    UGH yeah and the trippy walls, when they moved and morphed, it was like the whale had some sort of horrible disease D:
  3. The14thMusician

    Level Grinding

    That just reminds me of my utter hate for the Traverse Town Theme in KH1 >.> It was an okay song by all means, but after a certain point, just no. And I like the EXP Walker idea, for whatever reason I did not think of just doing that, instead of torturing myself with the Twister Trench or...
  4. The14thMusician

    HP Boost rate?

    Yeah I didn't know a thing about the HP Boosts until after the fact, so I essentially just leveled at the Mirage Arena as Aqua (as Absent axel said), and then grinded lvls until I reached lvl 40, I also made sure to have her lvl 6 finishing move. At that point, if your playing Normal Mode, is...
  5. The14thMusician

    treasure list

    All of the treasure chests aren't very hard to find in general, but there are some tricky ones here and there. GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP) FAQ/Walkthrough by starrk This guide does have a list of treasures at the beginning of each world introduction and where they are...
  6. The14thMusician


    So you are having issues with it being hard wired into the modem and not getting internet access? And what size PS3 is it? Is it a slim? Original? I found a pretty helpful Network Guide here: Unofficial PLAYSTATION®Network Guide - PlayStation.com Forums Hopefully it will help you out with...