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    In what order will you use TAV for BBS?

    If I HAD a PSP (I,m working on it ;)), I'd play TVA. Actually, I think they will be in that order on the character selection screen, and if not, then i'll play them in order anyways. If I HAD a PSP. :(
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    Opening CGI for BBS

    I think it should go like this: Main Menu ---> Start game ---> CGI opening ---> Character selection screen. Don't you?
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    Sephiroth - Tips please?

    Well, i didn't beat him like anyone else here. To defeat him, I just kept using Strike Raid and Sonic Blade. I used Sonic blade the most, cuz you're invincibe when you use it. I even used Sonic Blade to evade his attacks XD. I don't remember alot of the fight cuz it was long ago, like 6 months...
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    So who HASN'T played Days yet?

    Me too :P But i dont have a PSP nor even a DS, so i'll have to conform watching gameplay videos in youtube ='(
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    Nice to meet you ♫

    Hey :) It seems i forgot the password (and name) of my account, and i'm making another one XD I hope i'll be staying for a long time in this forums and spend a good time with you people. soo i think it's nice to meet you =)