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    Do the organization Coats Have a special meaning?

    They don't really have a meaning, but they have a use. Not only does it show who's apart of the Organization, (apart from Riku and King Mickey) but it protects the wearer from oblivion in the Darkness. For ex., when a member of the Org. summons a corridor of Darkness, the coat protects them from...
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    Birth by Sleep, um...Mouth-ing?

    They only didn't synch in Re: CoM is because it was originally supposed to be strictly in Japan. But then the demand for it in other countries became too high. And since it was already made, it'd take way too much time to lip-synch all the words into different languages, so they used the...
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    They're like any other Nobodies, they have no emotions. But they relay on the memories of the emotions, to keep them "going" and acting like they have emotions...but they don't really feel anything. In other words: they act like their Somebody, but don't feel anything
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    Sora's stolen keyblade

    You can't really just get another Keyblade, you can only have one Keyblade (doesn't apply to Sora's drive forms) BUT you can change it's appearance with the Keychains. Since Sora is the "Keyblader of Light", I'm guessing he can only use "Light Keyblades", while Riku uses the "Darkness...
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    Xion discussion: Love or hate

    I don't see how Xion, in any way, can be in BBS. Unless she was there, 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts game took place. But since she's the XIV member, she can't be in BBS.
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    Who thinks BBS will be best KH yet?

    **SPOILER FOR BBS** In BBS, which takes place 10 years before the first KH, we get to see Ansem the Wise's apprentices, Xehanort, Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleaus, and Ienzo. Which I'm TOTALLY looking forward too. ♥
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    Xion discussion: Love or hate

    Finally, SOMEONE agrees. And I was just hoping that they wouldn't add another character to the game, and it'd just be about Roxas and the Organization during Sora's year long sleep. But no, they had to ruin it by adding Xion.
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    Xion discussion: Love or hate

    Even thought she was "introduced horribly", Xion isn't really neccasary to the game. Days is supposed to be about Roxas' days in the Organization, not about Xion's origin. Maybe, just maybe, if she was created better, she could be a very well liked character. But to me, VERY un-neccasary.
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    Xion discussion: Love or hate

    Personally, I hate Xion. I thought Days was going to be about the Organization, or, at least, about Roxas. But NO. All of a sudden, this girl named Xion appeared. Then the whole game turned out to be about Xion, and what she is and where she came from. And, quite frankly, the Organization turned...
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    TAV? light, darkness and dawn?

    This is what I think: Terra- Darkness Aqua- Twilight Ven- Light