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    a pic I saw on some jap KH2 site

    Someone said the fusion form had a shield. If so, it's probably a goofy fusion, makes more sense. But my theory is that their are three main forms, maybe some off shoots from them, one for each of the choices at the beginning of KH. You know the sword (power to destroy), the staff (power of...
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    Who is the better swordsman?

    I don;t care who else is on the list, or the level of skill the others have Auron rules. But it would be nice if Cloud were on it, because where Auron rules, Cloud is a legend.
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    Other Final Fanatsy X characters?

    Re: If Auron's in this then what other Final Fanatsy X characters? That would have to be a pretty damn big world, I mean 11 games and each with 7+ characters. It would be more like a game in itself rather than a single world. But hey, it'd still be good to see the old faces revamped in PS2...
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    Knights Of The Round

    Since I can't even post in my original thread, I'll have to start over here. This is my newest and probably final attempt at clan leadership. I'm not going to give it the same name because that name seems to be cursed (I won't even utter that acursed name for fear of jinxing it). Anyway, I'm...
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    Boss Fight In Potc!

    Don't you think that it would then be too much like the Jafar fight. You will probably (if this fight is in the game that is) have to restore his mortality before having to fight him properly, my guess that it may have something to do with a special action. You never know, the battle may involve...
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    Name Change

    My name's Adam and my middle name's mark. I think are lame, so I'm gonna change them. But most of the one's I've come up with are just as lame or worse. Can anyone think up any good ideas? Oh and it has to with McKintyre. Thanks.
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    Release date for KH2

    If I have to wait 6 months for it to get released over here, I'm gonna jump on the first plane to the states and buy a damn US PS2 and KH2 and bring it back. S-E can think again if they think I'm waiting that long for it. And don't take this lightly, I will fly to the US if I have to. I can and...
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    Release date for KH2

    There is an official KH2 site (http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/). Though it may hit the US stores by the end of the year I can almost assure any european gamers that it won't over here. I mean COM only came out over here 5 days ago. Geez, I'm just thankful I got it ony import, it's been...
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    Rank Tournament

    OK, I think we've enough people now. As I've mentioned before I want to hold a tournament of sorts to decide the ranks. Although this will probably be a drain on gil, with the healing after the battles and all. So I propose that we either have this competition or I just decide the Ranks on...
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    DL Discussion/Question Thread

    I'm making this thread so that people can discuss stuff in relative privacy, and ask me question's about the Clan. Hopefully soon we'll be able to win a private forum, but until then this will have to suffice. And please no posts asking to join. That's what the other thread's for.
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    The Dark Legion Reborn?

    I'm thinking about reforming the Dark Legion. But before I go and blow 15000 on it, I want to know if anyone would join and if so how many. I want strong people, so be at least lvl 5 before posting. Though I must warn you this is no guarantee that I'll invite you. If you're in the top 20 in...
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    new trailer theroy

    No-one knows the intentions of the Organisation, as someone else mentioned. We do however know that there is some kind of power struggle going on within it. Marluxia and Larxene wanted to use Sora to over throw the Superior (whoever he may be), and they were in the top half of C. Oblivion. The...
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    OMG I got struck with an idea

    I never said that DD and ASAS weren't concepts, I obviously didn't make my meaning clear enough. I meant that, that part in particular is an idea that will be in KH2 or something similar. Nor did I say that the scene cut from DD would be in KH2, I said that it MAY be an idea carried over.
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    OMG I got struck with an idea

    DD and ASAS may be concepts, but at the end of the new trailer, this part of DD is shown. That would suggest that this part of DD is still relevant and has some significance. As for this rock being a secret entrance, if the organisation are as stronger a force that we think, I don't think...
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    Fusion with donald Confirmed!!!!

    They might switch to the COM system, where you have to pick up your exp after defeating an enemy. Might explain what those small yellow balls are (if they're not for the drive system that is).
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    Which path does Sora choose?

    When DiZ presented Riku with that choice, I doubt it was literally each road will take you to Light, Darkness. I think it was a metaphorical question, one that DiZ knew Riku's answer to. Sora's journey will probably be far simpler, in that he'll just follow Pluto down the middle road because...
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    Reocurring Unknown.

    I like it, the fourth picture translation doesn't necessarily mean that the other three unknowns are Riku. After all you can't see the face of the unknown in the other pics (they may not be the same Org member anyway). But it makes sense that Riku would want to keep an eye on Sora. So it's...
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    Jobs Changes

    Before you start reading, I'm not here to moan about the fact that you can't do it anymore. I was ust wondering what will happen to the Dragoon and Diviner classes. You need to change class at lvl 15 and 10 respectively, but if you can't change wouldn't that mean that they are now completely...
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    Let's hope

    Most of the FF summons wouldn't work. They were one-shot ones that were suited to turned based combat like in FF, but in an action-real time based system they porbably wouldn't work concept wise. Although carbuncle from 8 might work. You know you summon it, it casts Aero/ra/ga on the party.
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    Where did the oathkeeper go

    Riku didn't get the keyblade because of any dark powers (the heart unlocker maybe but thats a different topic altogether), for one he didn't have any truly signigicant DPs at the time. He got it because his heart was stronger than Sora's. Sora go it back because for a single moment his was...