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    Your Favorite ► What is your favorite nobody?

    What is your favorite nobody. This includes; nobodies, organization members u can even do famous heartless from original kh i dont really care but im curious what u guys like. My favorite nobody is roxas. Im sure its a lot of people favorites but think about all the other characters of the game.
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    The Three Pricesses

    Okay we all have played KH1 im assuming. Well when you go to hollow bastion the second time and you see all the princesses in the chamber you beat maleficent (human/witch form). First off lets name the princess of heart. 1. Alice 2. Jasmine 3. Auroura 4. Snow white 5. Cinderella 6.Belle 7. Kairi...
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    Dont you think...

    Dont you think the sleeping beauty and snow white worlds should have been in the 1st kingdom hearts. I have always thought that a the beginning, ever since i saw the sleeping beauty at Hollow Bastion. Do you agree?
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    Has anyone....

    Has anyone got the dream shield and the dream staff? I found it very hard to do that since all the damn mushrooms pop up rarely.
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    Am I Alone on This?

    OMG give me a break the point of this game was to involve a new game playing system and new information on the organization and what happens with sora and riku after kingdom hearts. DUH!!!!
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Okay the most disappointing part of KH2 would have to be the lack of information given. Its also makes me really mad that we wont have an ending story until the year 2030 when were all like 50....lol. so most of us will probably be 50 year old video game players before we give up this game...
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    Why Ven's really special.

    Thats a pretty good theory. Im impressed.