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    KH:COM worth it?

    I should really buy it......
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    Cold Axel is BACK!!!!!!

    :thumbsup: never left, took a trip to Hawii for months, not many of you know me. So.....get to know me!!!!! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=27760204 So instead of people leaving there coming back!!!!! Yeah. lets get the show on the road, C_A is...
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    ~Cold Axel Fan Club~

    Its my fanclub :) I don't have many fans yet, but come here and we can hang out and talk about stuff with me. Its for anyone that wants me for a friend or not, lets just talk and have fun ^_^.
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    KH2's Broken Promises

    Day and Night....They was gonig too put that in, I never knew that <.<, that would be cool. And yeah ^ TMM idea sounds cool, with new features with different times of days.
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    Help me please

    I beat sephiroth at 99, but my bonus lvls was not 50 yet, right after I did SP I went striaght to Sephy, and I used Sleeping Lion Keyblade.
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    i just noticed..

    Ah crap I want too see that, but I just deleted my old KH1 saved thing on my memory card.
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    Help with Titan Cup points

    I passed and did it with stitch got 10k points so i'm happy and thanks
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    Help with Titan Cup points

    I'll go try it now brb *rushes to bedroom*
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    Help with Titan Cup points

    I can't 5,000 points in this one I do magnet and thunder but I still don't get enough points. So i'll take any help thanks alot P:S magnet and thunder are fully upgraded, i'm just too lazy too spell Thunderaga or something like that, and i'm lvl 99 too, I just can't get 5,000 points. So any...
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    Sephiroth tips, please.

    has killed my many times when I first met him...then i did pride rock trick and used sleeping leon keyblade and crushed him so......when he knocks you in air press circle and counter-attack him. and when on ground glide in the when he attacks so it dont hit you. and for the Desend heartless...
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    Final Form

    I got my final form when I revisted Halloween Town
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    Space Paranoids: Journey to Mesa help!!!

    Master Form got me out of that problem
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    HI All

    Just saying hi and was up :)