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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Lol Even if it is COMPLETELY NEW CHARACTERS, Sora and the crew will be in the Sequal. Why? Because of the ending of the game. Isn't it obvious? There are still questions not answered. And, if it's not KH III, it'll be KH IV. The point is...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Ok... so From my understanding one's SOra, the other is Riku, and the tird is Roxas? How is that even possible? Roxas is like, inside firggin Sora o.o Omg, I played nonstop for days to get this. In the end I gave up and watched on you...
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    Save the King+ and Save the Queen+

    What... are you talking about xD They DO have alternate abilities. You need to do these for the journal, if you are doing the jounral.
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    Is there a good way to level up summons?

    Yeah I'm having trouble with that -,- Like what do you have to do? Kill heartless, grab hp balls xD What?
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    Jiminy's Journal...

    When is it over... Like... do you have to beat ALL the Missions? Like getting all the points in the Tournaments!? I mean i beat the tournaments, but I end up getting like 500 points in the end >.>
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    Best places to level up each form?

    Yeah, still it took me way more time to accomplish all my goals in KH I than on KH II... Although i still have to complete all the mini games... but that's just like Mario Party :P Aaah the good old days.
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    did u Kh2 answer your questions

    I just got a bunch of questions o.O
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    Best places to level up each form?

    :edit: Sorry for this post just re-read the last post I made, forgot to add something important.
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    Best places to level up each form?

    Wisdom- TWTNW first place like with all the heartless popping up form the ground Master- Inside the Palace in Mulan's world; go to the antechamber go into master form kill the guys, and get all the big yellow balls (May I say lol?) Valor- Same place as wisdom... but really anywhere... Final-...
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    How Far In the Game Are You?

    Beat Sephiroth, working on FInal Form, two more cups to go, and alot of synthesis and minigames to complete/ beat >.< So... Damn... CLOSE!
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    Interesting find (Sorry if it's been said before)

    Holy poop on a stick I didn't notice that o0o
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    And finally I have beateded el Sephirotho...

    ... It was a grueling battle and I killed him with one hp left o.o Ran out of elixirs ^^; But what pissed me off?! -Fenrir is kinda el sucko, kinda good for Valor since of the high attack and low magic, but the negative combo... -Cloud glows a flourescent yellow and Sephiroth is like, "Ho...
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    How long did it take ya'll to beat the game?

    XCJ It's real easy to beat KH2 o.O I beat it at the 30th Hour, maybe it was 31? I don't rememeber I did the tourney's and I also did something else. I don't rememebr. But either way standard, 30, lvl 50.
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    Have you beaten KH2 yet?

    Yeah I did, just haven'tg otten the secret ending so :p
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    Goddess of Fate

    Really o.O I beat it pretty easy. If you're in standard mode, well what I did is use Donald use magic on the big bodies o0o
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    Who liked Atlantica

    Actually technically I think you have to beat for the journal.
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    Who liked Atlantica

    I liked the super groovy music and fun corny time! :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Proud vs. Standard

    I laughed at standard after crying over the fact that teh first game was harder in normal mode. But I guess the minigames and completing the journal make up for it.
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    Pridelands Storyline (both episodes)

    Lol in the movies he was all like, "Kick yo ass biatch" And here he was like, "Omg Nala, I can't cause Imma pee my pants." "Leave me alone I need to listen to Fall Out Boy." "I can't be as good as my father, I think I'll just lounge around like a lazy arse and eat bugs all day."
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    I got Master Form maxed in 15 minutes. Basically I did what mirokus did just that I used the save point inside the palace and defeated the centuars. Then I went outside and came back in with enough time to transport out. 130 exp each time. Use thundaga on them, just press it once, kills them in...