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    RE: CoM voice actors

    RE: CoM voice actors Since Haley Joel Osment is all grown up and Sora was still sounding like a little kid during that course of the story who will provide his voice for the new chain of memories remake? same for Kairi
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    why doesnt he.........

    Cant kill people?...Jack shot Barbosa through the chest.
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    The Lost Two?

    I used the search to see if it had anything about it but nothing came up so I figured I'd make a thread about it and see if anyone came give me some information on what it means by "The Lost Two" in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II.
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    Mistakes in KH2

    it doesnt explain how Riku's soul eater became a keyblade
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    WTF! Why do i only have 6?

    ok im trying to make ultima weapon and i only have 6 orichalcum+ but ive done everything to get them all. I got the one at tron in the central computer room, collected all types of materials, completed 100 acre wood, found the one at sunset terrace, completed atlantica, got the one at the brink...
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    Riku's Keyblade

    where did it come from, when he shows up at the mansion during the Roxas part of the game he still has the Soul Eater
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    Keyblade (spoiler)

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    Orchikulum+ where to get it?

    i must not have enough of the regular materials because i know how to use the option and if thats the case you need all 7 orichalcums dont u?
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    Orchikulum+ where to get it?

    when i open the recipe i see the energy crystal in the lower right hand corner but i can get to it or anything
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    Orchikulum+ where to get it?

    my moogle is on level 6 and it wont let me use one how exactly do i do it?
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    i just need to know this one thing this thread isnt going to hurt anyone i promise
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    i did that
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    i dont need to know the stradegy i just want to know where i go to fight him
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    I'm at the world that never was and i should be able to go back and fight him shouldnt i? tell me what to do
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    How do u fight him? is he in hollow bastion somewhere?
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    Put your reveiws here

    this game is a perfect 10 across the board to me...its truley a masterpiece.
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    hardest boss

    I thought Demx was pretty tough he beat me like twice...hes the hardest one ive faught so far
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    Question (spoiler)

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    KH2 Overall

    I'm sittin here at school and i cant wait to get home and play it but from what ive seen so far its better when it comes to game play and things like that
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    I'll be getting mine wednesday...no big deal. WOOO almost there bitches