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    im want the storyline and the new moves.
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    If you remember in kh you got moshu,and moshu is in mulan whith is in kh2.Do you think since you got simba youll get lion king or something like that?
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    Did you reserve?

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    Did you reserve?

    night shadow how do u get the bunny?
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    Did you reserve?

    how do u reserve?
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    I need help getting money because i spant all of it in the rpg world.
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    Those are cool keyblades how come thier isnt any for usa
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    Riku and Sora

    He has the power of darkness and uses them for good that doesnt mean that he is twilight.
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    Kingdom Hearts awards

    Sora is the best
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    Kingdom hearts 2 awards part 1

    i choose the unknowns because together they are invisible,evan though i like sora more
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    So the unknowns are the organization members?
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    Too few accessory slots ?

    He maybe used cheats you never know.
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    Is thier a secrate movie for kh:com?

    I want to know if thier was a secreat movie for chain of memories like thier was for kingdom hearts?
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    almost coming out

    ......................... Hahahahahahahaha. You get the point that was funny
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    kairi's parents?

    So they didnt show riku nor sora parents on kingdom hearts.
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    The first boss you fought,if you remember you had to kill him alot.do you think he will come out in kh2?
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    Favourite Boss?

    i liked the shadow because he reminds me of darkness....................any way he never dies hes maybe going to come out in kh2
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    almost coming out

    Im going to sleep in the store till the boxes come and resurve it before it comes.......lol
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    Ds Or Psp?

    What do you think is a better system psp or ds?
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    almost coming out

    Is evryone else or just me hipped up about kh2 almost coming out?