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  1. keybladespower#5

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    Soooo, Roxas is back, Axel (Lea...whatever) is back, and I may have fangasmed. Also, I haven't been keeping up with the forum as much recently so, what do SoD and RoS stand for? (Noobish question still, after all these years!)
  2. keybladespower#5

    Something I noticed in the Jump Festa Trailer

    Got it. Thanks for the fast reply!
  3. keybladespower#5

    Something I noticed in the Jump Festa Trailer

    At the end of the trailer sora appears in a large room with Terra-Xehanort. Is that the same room where you fight xemnas at the end of KH1 Final Mix or is it the castle from Notre Dame (or a different world). Just wondering, Thanks.
  4. keybladespower#5

    The Secret Endings

    Well I'm Not The Only One If You Look At The Way You Write!!
  5. keybladespower#5

    The Secret Endings

    I Haven't Posted Here For A While Now And I'm Starting To Forget Abouth Kingdom Hearts So I Need To Get Back Into It. But What Is The Difference Between Deep Dive And Another Side, Another Story? Is It Just That One Is Longer Or What?
  6. keybladespower#5

    BBS Secret Ending=New Game

    I'm Sorry If This Has Already Been Posted But In A Recent Famitsu Interview Nomura Stated That There Would Be A New Secret Ending In Birth By Sleep. I Have The Interview (Some Of It) Here. Credit Goes To Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.
  7. keybladespower#5

    New Site Layout Problem

    I've Been On To The New Site With The New Design And It Looks Great! But When I Went Onto It This Morning It Was Just The Same Design We Had Before. Do You Think It's The Site Or Is It My Computer? PLZ HELP! KBP#5 OFF TOPIC: This Is My First Post In About A Year!
  8. keybladespower#5

    Port Royal Help

    How Do you get past the part on port royal where your on the ship and you need to protect the meddalion? PLEASE HELP! KBP#5
  9. keybladespower#5

    I totaly had this Roxas dream ...

    I had a good dream but it was very quick... it was Riku fighting in KH:COM and it kept switching worlds and then switching from 2D to 3D it was pretty cool!
  10. keybladespower#5

    KH Cinema Anthology

    guys look what i found on amazon.com Amazon.com: KINGDOM HEARTS CINEMA ANTHOLOGY MOVIE 2 DVD SET: Movies & TV: GOOFY AND DONALD SORA it's all the cutscenes from kh1 on 2 discs! well wat do you think?
  11. keybladespower#5

    Sneak preview for KH3 in BBS?

    i was thinking for the previews we could have the beginning of the preview in BBS the middle in 358/2 Days and the end in coded
  12. keybladespower#5

    some news about 358/2 days

    sorry to say this but it's not drive forms it's world forms like the ones sora gets in halloweentown, pride lands, atlantica, and space paranoids sorry if this annoys you
  13. keybladespower#5

    I Got Final Mix+!!!!!!

    hey guys i know the best place to find SM it's right here BUY SWAP MAGIC HERE FOR PS2. UK SITE. there is a swap magic that comes with a fantastic 4 game with new features
  14. keybladespower#5

    KH2´s disturbing ending?

    no KH ending has ever been good
  15. keybladespower#5

    Anyone else ever try this?..

    i can't even play the game now the disc has too many scratches ****ing hell i'm going to kill myself for not taking care of my discs
  16. keybladespower#5

    Magic only challenge (Data, ES, Cups)

    hey Doortolight024 where did you get your swap magic
  17. keybladespower#5

    Swap Magic Help

    Thanks for that but i also saw that there was only a DVD swap magic and a CD swa magic which one do you use for games?
  18. keybladespower#5

    Swap Magic Help

    I read that swap magic can only do copys of games from the computer is this true
  19. keybladespower#5

    Organization battles

    FM only so you may as well import the game
  20. keybladespower#5

    358/2 Days Multiplayer Idea

    The only thing i know is that 358/2 has a command menu and the touch screen will be used for a map