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    kh2 final mix+. What extra scences does it have.

    u also get new keyblades, and you can get into different floors of the castle
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    The Keyblade...

    roxas has oathkeeper and oblivion because those keyblades represent his memories of kairi and riku when sora was asleep.
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    Roxas/Sora battle

    i agree with sora skillz and XIIIstarr. he let him win
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    i think he ddid it for the fun and he was filled with hate
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    A thought occurs

    that's true. i never noticed axel being surprised about roxas dual-weilding. with them being best friends he should've known from the first day they met
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    are you as angry as me?

    probably they might make a figure of roxas in his organization suit and with oathkepper and oblivion
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    KH2 Cheats Codes V. FM+!!!!!

    i like the vid. do the jap codes work on the armerican ar
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion im fond of who the 14th member is
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    KH1 is definetly not harder than KH2

    i also think that kh2 with restrictions is harder
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    manic mode

    :thumbsup:Thanks I really appericate all these ideas
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    Who maxed there level?

    i maxed it out normaly and then i fought Seipheroth and i beat him in 2 min and 30secs
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    leon vs axel

    who do u think would win in a fight leon or axel? i think that axel would win
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    How many of you have beaten....

    i find that hard to belive
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    how does the ranking in kh forums go like?
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    manic mode

    :huh:Help me i need help in manic mode in olyimpus colisuem. any ideas are welcome:thumbsup::
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    An English version of Final Mix+?

    I want to import it but then i would have to send money to get it but then i can't get bbs and 358/2 days
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    I wonder why DS's face hasn't been reveiled yet unlike the others...

    maybe sora might have a connection to the ds
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    I completly lucked out cause i have been saving yp money to buy anthor game but when i heard about this i was happy cause it will probably be $40 or $50
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    help in titan and goddess of fate cups

    Hey ramen and fuyu thanks for this info it really means a lot to me
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    Organization XIII Question

    :confused:Right now Im thinking that were the other members turned into heartless willingly or forced