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  1. Winterborn

    Who unleashed the army

    maleficent controlled them, xemnas just used the situation for his own benefits.
  2. Winterborn

    Axel's tattoos

    i think they are just a part of his character design, just for show.
  3. Winterborn

    anyone else spoiled themselves?

    i spoiled myself but the game experiences is what i buy for most.
  4. Winterborn

    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep Special Edition (shows more components)

    i like it except the artbook, if all pictures are like that i think it's crap. i expected sketches and drawings, maybe notes on the development of the characters but not this. such a disappointment.
  5. Winterborn

    Confirmed for Europe?

    i like this, another game to play :D
  6. Winterborn

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread i only saw the japanese one, no english.
  7. Winterborn

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread for now i like the VA's but it could still change.
  8. Winterborn

    Just Wondering...

    twin blades, only thing that comes up is xemnas
  9. Winterborn

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread well, not way. just didn't feel right. i was like one off those badly dubbed animes. i also saw a japanese trailer, it sounded more natural than the dubbed one. just read that it was a bad edited one, wich i mentioned it could be.
  10. Winterborn

    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread i watched a trailer and the voices were pretty bad, they sounded way of and to loud. but it could cause it was just placed over the video so people could better hear. it hope that was it cause otherwise it would realy be bad.
  11. Winterborn

    Aqua's Popularity

    Re: aqua's popular haven't played the game but read everything about it on the wikia. i like her the most, the first time i ever heard about the three characters i just knew/assumed aqua would be the most interesting, and in my opinion she is. i can't wait to play her story.
  12. Winterborn

    kh birth by sleep difficulty level

    whatever you want, i'm going to start on proud mode. did the same with every game.
  13. Winterborn

    Opening line of KH2 relevant to KH3d?

    i think it relates to com, line up the pieces, the memories. but could also mean sora searching for kairi in kh2.
  14. Winterborn

    wich character would you like to have a future role

    wich of the characters in the games would you like to have a future role, a story that is important to the story. it could be someone who you think is a important character or it could just be your favourite chacter, wich is kind of lame. please, give a reason and not just a name.
  15. Winterborn


    i like her, she is like a bitch but a fun bitch :p her weapon of choice is cool and like her element, lightning.
  16. Winterborn

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

    almost every country from europe has it so you have a lot of choices. you could look on amazon.
  17. Winterborn

    IS there a point to KH3DS?

    Like the other side games, only interesting for those who want to know everything. However, it think it will be more than days, bbs or coded, like COM was. it filled in a empty space instead of the other three, who just gave more info. sora and riku being the mc tells me it's important for the...
  18. Winterborn

    Opinion on Days changed drastically.

    i like the game, playing and killing heartless is fun. altought the lvl and battlesystem is a bit annoying. i started the game first at proud, it was realy easy except for xion in halloween town. now i have to do mission to get sora, and i hate it. need to bash a heartless a few minutes to kill...
  19. Winterborn


    i like xion, she is cool but sometimes to drammatic. her VA is pretty nice
  20. Winterborn

    kh2 manga

    nice, i was waiting for this :D