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    racist state in america

    which state is the most racist in america? i was thinking it was Mississippi...then again,i don't know. what do you guys think? :confused:
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    happy birthday Breaking Point!!!

    today is Breaking Point's birhday and he deserves a thread for himself. yep,he's finally 16. so if anyone cares,tell him happy birthday on this thread. kaythanks. :]
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    i love the title for this story (Love is a Funny Thing). i can't wait until you finish the next chapter ^^
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    jamie kennedy

    does anyone like his music? i do! i think he's hilarious!! his song "Circle Circle Dot Dot" is one of my favorites.
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    [/*The Soul of Riku Fanclub*\]

    this is a fanclub for people who want to admire or worship soul of riku. here is his pic: http://myspace-640.vo.llnwd.net/00824/04/64/824434640_l.jpg things about him: he's one of my best friends. nice. funny. hot. caring. did i mention he was hot? so add him if you love him or if you...
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    How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2?

    Re: How did you react when you first heard Aerith´s voice in KH2? she sounded fake and too nice.
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    jesse mccartney punk'd

    i know what your going to say..."this is old" "i've seen this already" okay,i know. i'm just posting this video for people who haven't seen it or want to see it again. jesse mccartney is fake when he gets punk'd. watching this video made me not like him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE0RzWsdAhU
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    Brooke Hogan

    does anyone think she can sing? if you've never heard her sing before,then listen to her new single http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKzKmw5tlWU I liked her when i started watching "Hogan Knows Best" on tv. To answer my thread question...yes,i think she can sing. ^^
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    hangout with a celebrity for a day

    If you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would you spend it with? I'd hangout with Vanessa Anne Hudgens , Cheyenne , Hayden Christensen, Brooke Hogan,Ashley Tisdale, or Theo from Real World/Road Rules Fresh Meat.
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    Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie

    What's your favorite disney channel original movie? I know all of disney channel's movies aren't that great,but some of them are. my favorites are High School Musical,Cheetah Girls,Stuck in the Suburbs,and the Zenon movies.
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    these kids are weird

    yeah they're weird,but sora's costume is nice. and if your wondering,yes,i'm bored right now and i have nothing to do. so heres the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIVPwVGdZVQ
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    lol,kingdom hearts

    a new video i found about kh2. hopefully you haven't seen this one,because this was made 3 weeks ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JA37S9wnHE
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    Favorite Weather

    what's your favorite weather? I like rain,cloudy,and sunny ^^
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    Who likes Cheyenne Kimball? Do you like her show on mtv, or do you think she is annoying? I use to not like her,but shes okay now. I wouldn't mind meeting her one day,and I might buy her cd.
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    i like flyleaf,but my friend says girls shouldn't sing like that. i like their song "i'm so sick." does anyone else like flyleaf? and is flyleaf the name of the band or the girl singer?
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    i loved this anime since i was little.i liked season 4 the most. i always thought Takuya and Zoey should be a couple. does anyone remember this anime? does digimon still come on tv?
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    it's okay. you don't have to rush. we'll be fine ^^
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    Fanfiction ► Love is a Funny Thing

    i love this fanfic! i read ch1 - ch24 in 3 days! i can't wait until you finish this story. i can tell theres going to be a good ending ^^ i wish i could write stories like you ^^
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    Britney Spears v.s. Christina Aguilera

    who do you like more, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? I personally like Christina Aguilera. I've liked her since i was little.She sings way better than Britney Spears.
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    Please Twins! Onegai Twins!

    Has anyone seen Please Twins or also known as Onegai Twins? I wanted to buy the dvds for this anime,but i heard that it has some scenes in it and i doubt my parents will let me buy it. I just wanted to find out who the main character's sister is. Has anyone ever heard of Please Twins or has...