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  1. jazumin-chan

    zOMG! Gaia's MMO discussion

    Who's played it? It's too addicting, It's browser based and a free MMO but it's still adequately fun. If you do play what's your CL and TC!? I'm CL 10 and my TC is OVER 9000! Lol, sorry I just had to say that. Nahh but my TCL is around 11k atm.
  2. jazumin-chan

    New KH 3D Scan

    It doesn't look their KH2 attire, it looks like KH1. Or maybe my eyes are deceiving me...
  3. jazumin-chan

    New BBSFM Secret Episode scan.

    I can't wait! Although I'll probably end up watching the new content on Youtube. xD
  4. jazumin-chan

    What made KH2 easy (Battle-wise)

    I LOL'D. Yeah, I think the combination of button mashing of x, and triangle when reaction commands came up, as well as ridiculous combo's made it easier. Not only that, but KH2 just told you where to go on a silver platter. KH1 Sora: We gotta find Ansem SOD! *finds and kills Ansem SOD two...
  5. jazumin-chan

    Kh 358/2 days lvling help

    I hope you're not using level multipliers if you're only level 19 o.O Are you!? I would've died heaps being a lvl 19 that far in the game! And you can also redeem and buy some level panels in the moogle store.
  6. jazumin-chan

    Do you Believe....

    But HSM is a teen movie. But then again KH is also a teen game. But I still think Disney wouldn't allow it. :/
  7. jazumin-chan

    Time to give CoM some love

    That was one of the best parts about it! Button mashing... Is too easy. The card system was much more challenging!
  8. jazumin-chan

    Time to give CoM some love

    Laughed so much xD Yeah, I found CoM more refreshing and challenging than 1 and 2. But I got bored of the 2D rooms which looked like recolours every single world, lucky I got RE: CoM x)
  9. jazumin-chan

    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    So true. I was so annoyed by his dialogue throughout the whole of KH2
  10. jazumin-chan

    What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:

    Likes: Playing as Roxas Panel system The graphics - pretty good for DS Dislikes: Slowness of the story Repetitive Missions Leveling up through panels How the missions work - I'd like to be able to explore complete worlds and grind with more ease.
  11. jazumin-chan

    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    Good theory. I'm going to look further into this when I play BBS FM (:
  12. jazumin-chan

    What do you Think about Xion?

    Valid point. I never thought of that. And if he didn't run away, then KH2 would run way differently. I mean, I guess Nomura cleared up that area well.
  13. jazumin-chan

    COM vs RECOM

    Hmm it's tough to choose. The worlds are boring to look at, because of the repetitive blockiness which should've been fixed in RE: CoM but wasn't. It was a freakin' PS2 game. But I guess I do like the cutscenes and voice acting in RE: CoM.
  14. jazumin-chan

    Secret ending on Proud and Normal?

    I heard from my friend that the unlock requirements are based on the lowest difficulty save file. So say you had one beginner, and two proud mode saves you wouldn't be able to see the secret ending even if you completed the game at 100% So for you I'm guessing you need 100% completion in all...
  15. jazumin-chan

    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    Emulator sounds good. Like how on Wii you can buy/download retro Nintendo games. And on PS3 they can do the same with PS1 games.
  16. jazumin-chan

    Did anyone else think that Xemnas was the most boring boss in the whole series?

    Agreed. KH1 was exciting and thrilling, whilst KH2 was so repetitive and boring. I use to replay it a lot in 2006, and I cringed everytime I was blown away by Xehanort to jump unendingly and spam reaction commands on buildings to break his bloody gigantic shield.
  17. jazumin-chan

    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    Same here. But the good thing was spending time in each world took about 5 minutes each, excluding cutscenes. Barely any replay value, unless you play with friends in Mirage Arena which is epic (:
  18. jazumin-chan

    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I hate how short the each level is... I mean it felt like I was in each world for 5 minutes or so, not including the cutscenes. There's not too much replay value, either.
  19. jazumin-chan

    Secret Bosses Level Recommendations

    As others have said, it does depend upon your commands, and around level 50 should be good. Shotlocks should be your best friend to use as well. (:
  20. jazumin-chan

    How many hours have you got?

    Over 300 hours on KH1. It resets after a hundred hours and yeah.