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    Where in the World is Riku?

    Use the spoiler code -GTX [ spoiler ]Insert Spoiler Here[ /spoiler ] ^That's the code except no spaces in-between brackets. ex.
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    BHK name theory

    That actually makes quite a lot of sense, but in my personal opinion, that's not KHish. And besides, Sora's been named, so why shouldn't BHK be? And considering the 'perfectness' and thought put into choosing Sora, Kairi and Riku's names, not name BHK would just be... ridiculous. And we can't go...
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    BHK is another KBM because?

    Hmm.. if it was the way you said it, Sora would have lost the keyblade for eternity and beyond. Riku never got back the keyblade after he lost it, even after he wasn't evil anymore. No, there must be another reason. I belive that there are 4 'dimensions' on the KH world [check out Ansem Report...
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    who & why

    You people forgot the elevator legend!? You see, at one time, Square and Disney happened to work at the same building. One fateful day, one Square employee and one Disney employee took up the elevator together. They started talking, and one of them (not sure which, but all my thanks to him)...
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    biggest mystery: bhk's name

    BHK can't possibly be called Aros. If his name is going to be a backwards spelling of Sora, you have to consider the game is Japanese. It would be Raso, then. But that sounds terribly lame, so I highly doubt it.
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    I Need Help Wif Kh: Com!!

    Hey, just look at the bright side. You got only CoM's script to read. I had to read the whole KH1 script.
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    KH2 Official Website

    This may be old news, but I'm posting it anyways. Browsing though SE's website, I got al ink for Disney's JP webpage. And guess what!? They already have an official webpage for it. Here's a link: http://www.disney.co.jp/interactive/kingdom/com/kh02_02.html I don't speak Japanese, so...
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    My Nerdy Japanese Teacher Knows Alot About Kh2

    That's a farily dramatic change from other theories. I wish I had a teacher like that. Now, from what I could gather, I'm wondering how they came up with GEU/SU being minds theory. I mean, if you look closely, GEU looks like a girl. And plus, if BHK is against Riku, he wouldn't have given him...
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    weird line from com i linked (badly)to kh2

    Yeah... I should have seen that. Nice eye you've got.
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    Chain of Memories Manga

    They look... different. No worries about size. The bigger, the better.
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    *spoiler* what ever happened to zexy?

    I'm hoping they didn't die... just 'fade'.
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    Riku and Zexion connected................

    It makes sense, but if it was so Zexy would have a longer life.
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    Twilight Town fight music?

    I don't know where to download. But it's on kh2.co.uk . Click on 'Listen to Radio', upper right corner.
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    Cards or Classic?

    I have a like for cards, actually. I loved the CoM system... :D
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    Kingdom Hearts Novelization

    It's a brilliant idea. And I can so see that happening to Riku. Plus, his father was probably a really cool guy, but died, or some sort of incident, when he was young. At least that's what I'd think.
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    a logical connection

    Yep. It should be common sense, it's good to see people actually noticing it. And it's a lot more acceptable than 'BHK is Sora's twice removed left toe!'
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    . Kairi needs to drop dead .

    I hate Kairu too. But I can't deny the fact she is Sora's motivation. With Kairi dead, not only the story would go KABOOM! and Sora would be a lost character. But then again, Riku told Sora to 'take care of her' and he's taking a nap, so maybe there's not that much hope left afterall.
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    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    Darkside was actually a lot of trouble for me. My playing times are usually 5 minutes at a time, so it was hard to get him done is a short period of time.
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    You know you've played too much KH when you start wondering how many of your teacher are part of the Organization and what is the purpose of their conspiracy. ... when you start wearing shoes 5x your size. ... when you start looking for a reload card while playing poker. ... when you start...
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    It's Japanese. It would be 'Taidus' if they wanted it to sound like 'Tydus'. It's 'Tee-dus', sadly. Tidus sounds better.