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  1. Soldier

    Remember Epic Mickey?

    Well, if that's the way you feel then to you the sequel is at rock bottom. And the best part about rock bottom is there's only one way to go from there, Speaking of Rock Bottom, the Spongebob games they've made are... passable. They're 3D platformers similar to Epic Mickey, so there's a lot of...
  2. Soldier

    Remember Epic Mickey?

    The sequel is indeed very bad, however I'd argue it enters the "so bad its good" camp when playing with a friend. Though I only briefly played it with my sister, there's just something about the jankiness that really sells it. It's pretty much required that you have a second player play as...
  3. Soldier

    Lit ► Something to consider about J. K. Rowling

    Wow, punch down much why don't you? There's a lot of debate in regards to books with dated material in them and whether or not they should be in circulation. The problem is not that I can't handle these things, but that I don't want to deal with them. I'm split on the idea of these things being...
  4. Soldier

    Lit ► Something to consider about J. K. Rowling

    Link doesn't work and even if it did that doesn't excuse the other scummy things that she has done along the way like portraying negative stereotypes and racism. I'm going to assume you're a bot, but I could be wrong. Regardless Rowling's always going to be a problematic WASP coasting on her...
  5. Soldier

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Aw, that's a shame Mr. Disgraced Disney artist. I still appreciate your work!
  6. Soldier

    KH Dreams thread

    Had a dream last night that Alyson Stoner became a born-again Christian and refused to play Kairi in the KH franchise anymore, declaring the work "satanic".
  7. Soldier

    Film ► Disney shower thoughts

    Pretty much, and had the song made it into the film it would all be stripped away. You also forgot to mention the fact that they were diseased rats, that part's important.
  8. Soldier

    Film ► Disney shower thoughts

    Actually, there was a deleted song sung by Jafar that explains everything about the people, animals and objects conjured up during the Prince Ali song. It's called "Humiliate the Boy" Near the end of the song, Jafar asks that very same question to the captive genie, who responds: Jafar: What...
  9. Soldier

    Film ► Disney shower thoughts

    Wow, I am very late to the party, but reading a story book isn't the same as the chapter book that Belle was reading to the Beast. Side tangent: Remember how in Encanto they're in a valley cut off from the rest of the world. What happens when everyone's related to each other? I assume that...
  10. Soldier

    Public domain characters

    I dunno, I went to go see Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey in theaters when it released and I had a good time. Maybe not for the right reasons (I mean, Winnie the Pooh is a serial killer, there's only so much you can watch of it until you laugh) but it was an enjoyable time.
  11. Soldier

    Hiiiii What r your thoughts on Zexion?

    Yet another underutilized character that deserves more screen time than Axel. I didn't know who Zexion was till 2011 when I played RECOM, but he's grown on me. His use of a book reminds me of the mages from Fire Emblem, and iirc he's got a high magic stat in days. They should do more with him...
  12. Soldier

    A single character. (Community Project)

    Gilgamesh as a secret boss. I've given up on Lightning appearing in the series, the game wasn't successful enough to Nomura and everyone considers it a sin on the franchise. It's a shame though, Ali Hillis is fantastic in the role. That's why I'd want Gilgamesh as a secret boss. Nomura didn't...
  13. Soldier

    KH Dreams thread

    May I ask what type of iguana Nomura was? Green? Lesser Antillean? perhaps a marine iguana would make sense, as he often dodges questions regarding those.
  14. Soldier

    Film ► What would your happy thought be? (Discussion)

    Hello, Now, I'll preface this by saying I don't know where to put this, I imagine the Disney section works as a catch-all, but I don't really know. So Peter Pan, a film that established itself as one of the best worlds in the KH universe for the sheer fact you can fly around in it. While SDG...
  15. Soldier

    Film ► Inside Out 2: Summer 2024

    Can't wait for Inside Out 6 when the husband dies and she's slowly losing her memories to senility. I can certainly empathize with some of what you say, but I cannot ever forgive the way, you reject everything else! (if you get that reference, you're a real one). Though in all seriousness, I...
  16. Soldier

    Film ► Inside Out 2: Summer 2024

    Them adding a new emotion in the form of anxiety is a bold move, and narratively speaking makes the most sense. Riley is 13 now and most people are often pretty anxious at that age. Though it does concern me that Pixar is making another movie about puberty after Turning Red, hopefully this will...
  17. Soldier

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    Kath Soucie gets around. She's also played Vivi in World of Final Fantasy.
  18. Soldier

    The solution to the Columbus controversy

    I will, Leif Erikson, was first and foremost a Viking. While it is true that we don't know as much of his life/accomplishments because Christians at the time didn't think it imperative to document the life of a pagan (though the then king of Norway did convert him to Christianity). Vikings have...
  19. Soldier

    Your KH headcanon

    I'm so happy to see this silly thread I made still receive headcanons to this day, fills me with so much nostalgia. I've got one that i've been wondering for a bit, remember the Villain's Vale? you know, the crumbling fortress that Maleficent and Pete lived in during KH II. We never get to...
  20. Soldier

    Traverse Town origins...(Fun Discussion)

    I always understood Traverse Town as being comprised of world fragments that were floating in the realms between. In a way it's a clever parallel to the End of The World (a world specifically stated to be comprised of what's left of worlds taken by the heartless, if not a heartless itself) where...