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    Looking for new music

    I'm looking for more music, obviously, as the title states. Something crazy, upbeat, appealing, fun to listen to. Not quite techno, but if that's all you can think of, Id like to hear your suggestions.
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    Organization XIII Original Names?

    Your theory is slightly wrong. They all have an "x" in their name to symbolize that they have joined the Organization. so, Namine doesn't need or have an "x" in her name because she did not join them.
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    Unconventionally Attractive Women

    Ok, i saw this thread on another forum and i wanted to start it here. this is for every one to share who they think to be unconventionally attractive. Some one who you think other people would believe to be ugly or unattractive, maybe some one that you think other people may harass you when you...
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    I need costume help

    ok, so tonight i have a [school] band halloween party and i know what i want to be. i want to be a naruto ninja. alls i have is a headband so far. and i have ideas for a shirt. SHIRT - Long sleeves white underarmor shirt. [its gunna be outside and its cold] - black Tight [somewhat] fish...
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    looking for a certain type of music or band

    ok, so i really like string instruments, and i love the sounds they make.. so there for i like music that has string instruments in it. but i don't necessarily like classical music. i was wondering if anyone knew of a band that had string instruments but was also kind of rock-ish. if anything...
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    PSX roms and emulators

    ok, so i have tried downloading a playstation emulator and a playstation game. but when i try to play the game, it says i have to configure the plug ins. i have no clue how to do this. so could some one possibly help me with this please?
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    so i have this phone...

    its a motorola razr and i have it set up to where every single time some one calls me it goes straight to my voice mail. and then i cant even make any phone calls out. i cant even call my voice mail. any one wanna help me out?
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    singing tips

    lately ive been practicing my singing, and its been going ok, but when i reach for the higher notes, i can hit them, but it sounds raspy. can any one help me out on how to fix that?
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    Verizon wireless chocolate phone

    is this phone any good and how many songs can it hold? does it use itunes?
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    RPG/Forum name

    so i usually have a forum name as Pavony and im getting really bored of that nick name. so i was wondering if some one could help me come up with a new nick name please. i want something that sounds kinda cool. this is prolly gunna sound weird but if you have played .hack//gu vol 1 and the scene...
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    what if he could summon? that would be kinda interesting.
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    ok, so ive been reading some of the posts around the beggining, and some of them are really lame and some of them are kinda cool. but i dont think he will have like an actual weapon to use in a fight, but maybe like a crystal ball. something that "enhancess" his magical powers, but not...
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    Dark Cloud 2

    ok so this is one of my favorite games, and there are some things i wanna know about it. Mainly About Monica's swords. like where do you get the mardan (sp?) sword? i havent found it and im pretty close to beating the game. but not the secret dungeon at the end. and then does any one know what...
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    Legend of mana

    can any one tell me if this game is good? it looks good but idk. i wanna know if the game is good before i buy/rent it
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    Xenosaga 2

    how long does it take to get into the action of this game? i have tried to play this game soo manytimes but i get bored of it because its not actiony enough. i was told that it takes a while for the game to start getting good, but i dont know how long it will take. im at the art where my party...
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    whats a good song to learn on piano?

    ok, i dont know how to describe what kinda song to learn but something that gives you the same feeling "the scientist" by coldplay gives you. does any one know any songs on piano like that?
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    Secret Scene In Monstro?

    i just read a thread talking about a secret scene in monstro, and it just got me curious. im not sure if ive seen it or not, so can some one send me a link of this "secret scene" please?
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    Bulky Vendor Help

    ok, so i have found this rare hearltess a few times through out the game, and i have used 2 reaction commands. if you look in the journal its the 2 bottom reactions out of the 4 it has. i believe one is "rare capsule" if i do that does it sometimes give you a rare capsule? and are the 1st two...
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    Try and figure out the names of all of the Org. Members!

    -Xehanort - No heart ----- Xemnas - Ansem -Xigbar - Braig -Xaldin - Dilan -Vexen - Even -Lexaeus - Elaeus -Saix - Sai? -Axel - Lea? (pronounced like lee) ---- Ale? -Demyx - Demy? (more of a girls name) --- Dyme? -Luxord - Dourl? (just a thought) -Marluxia - im thinking -Larxene - Larene...
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    i was watching the secret ending and it just happend to pause and load at this moment - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/brass_boy49/kh2secretending.jpg hope this helps you figure out what hes standing on.