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  1. K

    What has kh2 given you in life?

    not to plug in a ps2 with water on your hands..bad experiences
  2. K

    Sanctuary vs Passion

    i like sanctuary better because i love the way in the opening movie namine say "angels in flight" but if your talking about the song in general, both
  3. K

    lol sanctuary is hard to dance to.

    i guess you can slow dance to it
  4. K

    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    pardon my french but i am not a happy camper, I HATE THE GUY WITH THE HEART GUITAR AND TALL HAIR! HE LOOKS LIKE THE FRIGGIN SLIM JIM GUY!!!!(i forgot his name but i know hes from organization VIII)
  5. K

    Who do you think is the hottest-looking Square KH character?

    if namine was real i would say namine.
  6. K

    your own keyblade?

    If you could make your own keyblade what would it be like? list the following: name keychain describe handle and blade
  7. K

    Who's hair is better?

    i would say leon or roxas
  8. K

    Who's hair is better?

    sorry i would have made this a poll but there were too many people to list.^^
  9. K

    Who's hair is better?

    Who's hair looks the coolest, Clouds Roxas Soras Rikus Kairis Namines Leons or someone else's
  10. K

    what level were you at?

    wut level wer you at when you beat the game?
  11. K

    easiest place to level?

    What is the easiest place in the BEGINNING of the game to level. And when i mean beginning i mean, olympus colisseum.:confused: