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  1. J

    Xemnas - First fight reaction command "Clash"

    When does Finish show up? And for how long?
  2. J

    Xemnas - First fight reaction command "Clash"

    Alright, I did that, the 'breakthrough'... is there more to it? It seemed a bit short, and Sora and Xemnas both dropped from midair... it just seems that there should be a second part? Or am I just imagining that something should be there?
  3. J

    Xemnas - First fight reaction command "Clash"

    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks iholdthekeys :)
  4. J

    Xemnas - First fight reaction command "Clash"

    I hit triangle, and I've fought the battle twice -- and I've used this reaction command at least three times in each battle, and it never worked. Xemnas just passes below Sora, and Sora falls down. Why won't they clash?
  5. J

    Olympus Colisseum....

    Sounds pretty cool. Only thing I regret is not doing more jobs as Roxas to get that little extra AP.... didn't know all stats would be Sora's. But seeing all of these AP boosts... it really doesn't matter. They're so abundant, when I thought they, you know, wouldn't be.
  6. J

    Olympus Colisseum....

    Excellent. Are there any parts of the game that can be accidentally skipped? I've heard other people worrying about other parts, don't know if that's true.
  7. J

    Olympus Colisseum....

    I just did the 2nd visit to Hollow Bastion, and afterward I remember there was a 'New Event!" at the Olympus Colisseum. However, it's been shrouded in clouds, as has the Pride Lands and Halloween Town and Agrabah. I beat the Land of the Dragons second run thru and about to do the same to Beast's...
  8. J


    2 hours 10 minutes here.
  9. J

    Not as fun as I suspected....

    You're... pretty dumb.
  10. J

    AOL KH2 page!

    That's just the Gamespot review cut and pasted onto AOL....
  11. J

    Live Kh2 Review At 4 On Gamespot!!!

    It's up for download now. That wasn't such a bad wait, was it? ;) http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/kingdomhearts2/download_ini.html?sid=6146758&mode=exclusive
  12. J

    1up Review!

    Not THAT old, did you read the top line? ;) by The Milkman 03/27/2006
  13. J

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2 gets an 8.7 from Gamespot!

    Gamespot isnt the end all and be all.... cmon guys, think for yourselves, dont let one website tell you how good a game is. Reviews are cool and all (plenty that were 9/10 or more, too) but the only one that matters is your own, and for me, that'll be 10/10.
  14. J

    Not excited anymore..

    Guys.... Gamespot's rating isn't the end all and be all rating, Jesus Christ. It's an effing website, think for your own damn selves, plenty of other reputable gave it 9/10 or more...
  15. J

    Live Kh2 Review At 4 On Gamespot!!!

    Any subscribers in this thread?
  16. J

    Live Kh2 Review At 4 On Gamespot!!!

    It's a subscriber event, aka if you paid $$.
  17. J

    Share my hate

    Geez guy, I hate you for making this thread, why can't you post in an existing one? I live in Mass too and shipments are coming in tomorrow, I can wait another 20 hours...
  18. J

    God Bless Wal-mart

    AMEN brothah. Target all the way. :D
  19. J

    God Bless Wal-mart

    Dude, are you fecking blind? http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=48513
  20. J

    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    They're probably too busy playing it, haha. Tell them to get their arse on here :p Anyway, if they don't, about this time tomorrow I'll have the game, and have the opening ripped in DVD quality.