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    what is your fav thing a character said in kh2?

    demyx: awwww we do to have hearts...dont be mad. demyx: dance water dance! demyx: silence traitor demyx: run! run away!!!!! heheheh yeah all my favorites are practically from demyx. he is flippin awesome! it was sad when he died though. the way he screamed sounded like he didnt wanna go just...
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    Did you like Demyx?

    ok ok i have to admit that demyx was pretty cool. after all the times i sed i hated him i was just trying to hide the truth...DEMYX IS AWESOME! whew glad i got that out.
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    where r u in game and what do u think of it so far

    iam at the part where i have to defeat saix. man that guy is like a fricken psycho when it comes to his beserk attack.
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    KHInsider's "Chat It Up" Kingdom Hearts 2 Launch Party! (Activity #5!)

    omg partay! iam so exitec i cant wait to partay! woohoo! yeah. *trows conffetti everywhere* woohoo its a partay so have fun!:D
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    March 29th

    woohoo i have spring break on that week! so it is all good and i have like the whole rest of the week to play it. o yes. it will be so sweet!
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    Does anyone have the official rating for KH2?!?!?!?

    o that would suck. my dad was kinda like that but not no more. i told him even if kh2 was rated M i was gunna get it (which i doubt would happen) but he was just all like ok w/e cause he knows how much i have been wanting that game.
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    If you're not into spoliers, than maybe you shouldn't listen to Sancutary.

    dah those lyrics fit the song perfectly even if they arent the real ones. they are still awesome. dah i want this game to ocme out so bad! i finally got my mind off of it and now i come here. sigh o well.
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    sigh. i dont hate Jesse McCartney but like i dislilke his singing. i have never seen him act b4 but if it is as bad as hiliary duff then i dont think i want to. so anyways i think that he would be a good voice for roxas. i man at first i was like heck no but now that i have though of it it would...
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    sprite comic help

    yo everyone well iam trying to figure out how to make sprite comics so ummm if u have any idea as to help me out that would be nice.
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    What are you looking forward to in kh2???

    omg i cant wait for the whole game in general! there isnt really one specific part that iam waiting for o wait yeah there is. i want to figure out wut rikus whole part in the game is. same with roxas
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    KH2 is SO easy!

    ok for u ppl that beat the game and just want to brag about how u beat it or it is so easy or w/e just shut up cause some of us dont want to hear it and want to play it ourselves!:mad:
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    Do you think KH2 is going to be good?

    i strongly doubt that kh2 will be a sucky game. but if it is...well someone is going to get hurt.:D
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    Do you think KH2 is going to be good?

    well the first game was awesome so of course the second one is going to rock cause from all the trailers, i think it is going to be way better then the first one. i just hope they dont do wut they did with the first one and give japan a better copy. omg if they do that iam going to be...
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    Fav Feature of Kh-2

    ooooo the organization is awesome how could i forget them. i also like rikus new look. and i guess u can count the drive forms as part of soras moves so they are cool to
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    Fav Feature of Kh-2

    well my favorite feature would be all of soras new moves. they are awesome:D
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    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    that secret video is weird. i was wathcing it and i was like wtf?????? but i agree that they should put a ff world in kh i mean disney cant have all the fun
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    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    sigh it better be longer or else iam going to be pissed i mean come on we wait like for wut 6 years for this fricking game and if it is going to be short then that is just going to suck alot. but iam still getting it:D
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    if u could be in any video games which one and why

    if i could be in any video game it would be kh(of course) because i like how u fight with the keyblade and everything and i guess its just cause its also my favorte game.
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    Fanfiction ► For Riku Fans...

    i love ur story it is awesome. make sure u update it so i can read the rest.
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    kingdom hearts song

    utada hikaru is awesome!