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    Ask me for Help

    thanks I'll try that.
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    Ask me for Help

    Paradox Cerberus Cup How do you get enough points as specified in the guide book? I miss it by like 100-200 points each time.
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    journel 2

    If you say it's easy but you can't summon stitch, then how do you get the required point amount in the paradox Cerberus cup?
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    twilight Town Chars And More

    I don't know off hand but I wonder if it has something to do with the struggle mini-game where you must fight Hayner 10 times then Setzer 10 times in order to have enough points to face Seifer. Afterwards, Setzer will talk to you when you see him in front of the train station.
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    Cerberus Paradox Cup

    since you can't summon Stitch in this cup, how do you get enough orbs to complete the Jiminy challenge in this tournament. I can't remember the number of orbs since I don't have the book in front of me but I know I missed it by like a couple hundred last time I tried it. If you want to know...
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    Journal help

    Do them later if you really want to complete everything. JUST PLAY ON PROUD HONESTLY IT'S REALLY A HASTLE DOING EVERYTHING IN THE JOURNALS. To do everything though after getting Sora, play each mini-game (except the junk one and the posting one) for about 30 minutes. You have to post really...
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    journel 2

    I'm 97% done with the journal, it's been 40 hours of gametime total. I was at Xemnas at 26 hours! So yeah that tells you how much fun the journals are. Just play on PROUD you'll be happier and not doing every damn thing. Personally I'd rather be playing through the whole thing again but I'm...
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    After you witness the "fight you do not fight" with a member of the organization, when you select to drive, at a random time, you will transform into "final form." This may happen on your first time driving after this cut scene or the 200th (like me) When this occurs you will no longer...
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    The Titan Cup!!

    Try using magnet to get the heartless together then slash the crap out of them so you're killing not one heartless at a time but bundles of them. Also use the Ultima Weapon to help damage them more severely
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    How to get the secret ending

    First since I typed the previous message almost 10 hours ago this does not count as a double post. SECOND, I just got to the point in the game when all the Jiminy Journals are unlocked AND THEY DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING ABOUT GUMMI SHIPS!!!! This can mean that the gummi ships are not needed to...
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    What mode did u play

    I'm on standard and enjoying before I put it on proud the second time through.
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    anybody beat sephiroth

    The last world is always one of the best spots to train because you reep the most experience. Too bad there's no extra area (like the Omega Ruins or something)
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    Put your reveiws here

    If KH1 was my favorite game beforehand then it is now my second favorite. The graphics are beautiful and it utilizes plenty of cutscenes pushing the limits of the PS2 to it's maximum. The voice acting is overall excellent especially the significant character voice actors (Christopher Lee...
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    anybody beat sephiroth

    depends on how good of a gamer you are. Can you beat a big boss the first time you fight him or do you need a round or two?
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    Who liked Atlantica

    Under the sea, under the sea darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me... Ahem... on that note Atlantica was different but a nice break from all the button smashing and heartless thrashing.
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    anybody beat sephiroth

    Ultimate Weapon will definitely help though. I haven't had the chance nor the ability to face him yet but I will when Sora is ready. For now he need more training! Train hard!
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    hardest boss

    Xaldin so far (just beat the MCP)
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    How to get the secret ending

    on beginner you can't get it
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    How to get the secret ending

    I'm pretty sure you have to do all the gummi missions. What if someone does everything else BUT the Gummi missions, finish Kh2 and let us know. I probably will be at that point in like another week.
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    How to get the secret ending

    Not a problem and yes it is definitely a lot to do. I'm about twenty-four hours into it and I just finished Hollow Bastion for the second time. My level is high 40's, I've played through a dozen mini-games and receieved scores that are very high (look in a guide to see the recommended score...