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    Final Weapoh KH2

    lol, I beat him at lvl 65 with the Ultima Weapon and 3 Elixirs...was kinda easy, especially using the dash power you get from lvling up Wisdom Form.
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    Yeah, i prefered the MP Hastega of Ultima as well, made for easy healings during the Seph fight.
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    Geez, sorry Mr. Crabgrass. I guess people can't kid around over here. I'm 15 btw, so you just got PWNT!
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    Of course. I'm reptty sure proud mode wasn't that hard ANYWAY.
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    and dont' say you beat the game on proud mode either!
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    And what if I am...at least I have an uber shweet keyblade, son! :D
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    About the Fenrir keyblade...

    I think it looks pimpin', yo! Runnin' around with my Cloud-ish keyblade, pwning everyone I see. Word. Although, I hate the Negative Combo thing...
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    I ened Exilirs really bad...Help >.<

    What items do I need to synthesis Elixirs? Also, is it a recipe? I need them to beat Seph...but I have no clue where to get them...
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    i beat sephiroth 2 times

    I beat him twice, using the Lionheart Keyblade and spamming a bunch of Strike Raids :D I know, it's pretty lame, but at least it got the job done!:cool: