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    more pic translations

    hmm....i knew the hercules one, but didn't know the others.thanks!
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    sora's new clothes

    who cares if he's a noob. he didn't know. how do you know it's a year ago??? sure it's old, but not that old.
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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    wasn't really interested in the commercial for it, but i decided to play it at my cousin's house and it was really fun. the first time i played it and saw sora saying cheese like that cracked me up.
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    My guess: KH2 will be hard...

    people complained?!!! and kh2 is going to be easy?!personally, i thought kh was too easy. it was abit short too.but making kh2 easy is gonna ruin the game. it's better if you feel you earned the right to see the ending of kh2 for all the hard work you done.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 awards part 1

    Sora's awesome. he gets to go into different modes to make him much stonger, unlike bhk but bhk's cool
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    Gummi ships updated

    well, i'll tell ya one thing. we are gonna have to dodge alot if we dont want to get hurt. but more likely, i know i'm gonna get hurt badly.....
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    who would win the fight of darkness

    this is stupid. riku doesn't have one chance against Sephiroth. I barely stood one minute against KH with Sora. Riku may be stronger than Sora, but their amount of strength is not really different.
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    Gummi ships updated

    i didn't either. i always used that warp thingy. when i had to go to new worlds i let my little sis do it.
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    bhk lookin at fingers

    in the new trailer, bhk is looks at his fingers and has an expression on his face. do you think he knows that he's probably an imitation of Sora?
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    What keyblade combo would you chose

    oblivion and oathkeeper. you gotta love that combo.
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    Bought KH without a PS2

    Re: This might be funny... no wonder you asked what a gummi ship is. also i agree with Deminem. buy your ps2 quick.
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    What worlds do you like and hate the most?

    Re: What worlds in KH do you like and hate the most? the favorites: halloween town because i loved the costumes and the song,neverland because you get to fly, colusium because you fight and level up. least favorite: atlantica and monstro, period.
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    What's the Gummi Ship?

    ..... did you play kingdom hearts? if you didn't, i don't think you will understand much of the stuff here.anyways its a ship that you use to go to different worlds.
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    Kairi born from darkness theory

    Re: A new thought.. you may have gotten that fact from a theory. i've seen lots of theorys with kairi being his daughter, but i don't think it was mentioned in the game.
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    KH2 might not come until 2006?

    Re: It Can't Be!!!!!!!!!!! the longer you wait the better the game will be. Do you want a crappy game that just came out today or you want a kickin butt game that comes out next year? you can't have both ways.
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    Seen it Before

    did you see in the journal that jiminy saved? sora, born in an island and is an islander or somethin like that.
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    What Dual Keyblade Pair do you want Sora to use in KH2?

    Oblivion and oath keeper. the pair that make twilight.
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    it's just so sad...

    thats a replica in COM.
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    A couple weird things...

    we're not sure about the date, so don't get your hopes up.