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    where to pre-order kh2 from

    thanks, and jersey is an island, the original jersey
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    where to pre-order kh2 from

    i live in the uk in the channel islands and amazon.com does not ship to where i live. Does anyone know a good site to pre-order kh2 from which can ship the he channel islands?
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    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    i live on a sucky island where hardly anyone knows about kingdom hearts, my best mate just accepts that i'm obssessed but she know's nothing bout it, but her friend who's a clingly copy-cat saw me playing it and was like "OMG THAT'S SUCH A COOL GAME!!!! I'M GONNA BE OBSSESSED WITH IT TOO!!!!"...
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    kh2 opening, can some one help me

    can anyone please send me a link to the opening of kingdom hearts 2 that is not divx or that i can put on to a ipod video? thankx
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    1hr left

    we in europe get it at the end of may, but i'm ordering from the us :)
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    Kingdom Hearts II Demo Disc Cover

    ooo, i'm so excited
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    Death in Kingdom Hearts II...

    I think that riku will die, i'm not saying i want him to die but i think he will and maybe sora will be there or maybe sora has to do it, that would be heartbreaking for me. I don't think they'd kill off Mickey Mouse or Sora and i reckon if there is a KH3 then BHK will be in it.
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    oh well, we tried out best
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    why thankyou chasingdusk
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    i've also done king mickey lexaeus vexen auron enigmatic man zexion nobodys alice queenofhearts queenminnie minnie jafar malificent jasmine abu aladin sleepingbeauty belle beast tarzan ariel ursula flounder sebastion pinochio snow white pluto
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    ok it's not a world can everyone post what they have tried so we know where we are?
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    can someone try all the keyblades i'll try all the worlds can someone else try all the bosses or all the heartlesses TEAMWORK PEOPLE!!
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    i've now done heartless twilight darkness light oblivion mickeymouse mickey mouse order diz unknown roxas summon square enix sqaure-enix disney worlds yunarikkupaine
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    i've also tried axel ansem donald goofy hollow kingdom hearts 2 it could be nothing to do with kingdom hearts
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    official code brakers :calling everyone !!!

    i've tried riku sora namine cm gummi kairi
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    wont be exciting as the first one!!!

    what you should do is get off the forums cos by being on here you are spoiling the surprises even more.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jap Site updated

    Can any1 translate?????
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    BHK's name

    i don't think they'd do that beacuse people have to say his name in the cut-scenes beacuse theres so many of them.
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    picture of trinity masterpiece

    i don't no if this has already been posted but here is a picture of the trinity masterpiece. http://www.sorasdomain.net/images/Trinity%20Masterpiece.jpg don't flame if this has alredy been posted but i can't find a thread with it on it
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    i love it beacuse the storyline is amazing and you feel as if you've been dragged into the game when you play it, it's so real. and the cut-scenes are amazing and the characters are so cool, and everyone whants to know what happens next and at the end of kh1 every1 was on the edge of there seats...