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    Ok, i sense a plot error.

    i think when you succumb to evil you poop out a heartless and your body kills itself and the shell thtas left is the nobody :D
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    Time ran out... SO WHAT!?

    rofl that rules:D and i think that the 10 bodies a second is the one that really pisses me off
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    I had a change of heart : O

    wow i even remeber that whole thing about which is better im glad you came to your senses lol =P
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    Kh2 costumes on eBay check it out now!

    one word stupid there have been so many costumes made so why even make this, just name every single character and youll win
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    Which was sillier? ( involves KH2 and AC)

    the dilly dally thing definently and i didnt think tifa's voice was that bad
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    Which Character grew up the most

    aw man why did you have to make it soo tough uuuuuuum i would go with.........riku when i first saw him i was like woah:eek:
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    "you Beat Sephiroth" Thread

    keyblade:ultima lvl:76 tries:5 and that was on proud mode
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    actualy it is the strongest wep in the game but not in magic ultima is the best not the strongest (1 point off, big woop)
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    Did anyone feel bad for Roxas? (beginning spoilers)

    here is the first thing i thought: **** that is so much ******* bull****! i cant play dual wielding roxas anymore! ****! lol
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    Something funny that I found

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    "Official I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 Thread"

    beat it on normal and proud, got everything, and jesus i thought seph and hades paradox cup was hard in normal mode did this in about 46 hr for normal and 52 hr for proud
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    I found a typo in my kh2 statedgey guide

    in my limited edition it says under the master form lvl up abilitys that you get all the wisdome things like auto wisdom and quick run lol
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    How to activate certain moves?

    some moves are activated when u are surounded by a group and some only happen when attacking one enemy in front of you thats basicly how it works
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    the forms

    this may sound stupid but have you ever thought of the forms (if there will be) in the next game i mean sore alredy has 2 soon hes going to be like xaldin and go psycho nuts on everyones ass in his last form what do u think?
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    hahahahahahahahahah!!! i knew it!!!! i just now got a call from EB that i can pick it up tommorow at 3:00! *does the in your face dance* oh and i live in indiana, nowhere near californa HAHAHAHAH!
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    AMEN. lol
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    why must we fight? come on its just a post get over it
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    come on guys cant we just join hands and wait for the inevetible that awaits our gleaming eyes no wait thats a little gay lol note:dont forget the girls =P
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    English KH2 gameplay trailer [minor spoiler]

    did he even play kh because i knew right away from kh to attack from the back stuuuuuuuuupiiiiid:p
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    KHInsider's "Chat It Up" Kingdom Hearts 2 Launch Party! (Activity #5!)

    party!!!!!!! *starts streaking in the roads screming kh2* XD lol