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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    I haven't read through all the comments, but this is my theory on the secret ending and the possible next game. From the translated videos for the secret ending, during AtW and Aqua's conversation, AtW mentions "those crippled beings" and something about there still being hope for them. And...
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    [bbs] aqua+xemnas theory

    Yeah, I guess ^^; But, maybe she was just so desperate, since she'd already lost everything important to her, like her friends? Just my thoughts.
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    [bbs] aqua+xemnas theory

    Oh, okay! Thanks for the info. My bad for totally ignoring the timeline.
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    [bbs] aqua+xemnas theory

    POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT FOR KH II. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, so I apologize if it's already been said. But I just finished rewatching the latest BbS trailer, and I noticed towards the end, Aqua is seen shedding a tear. If you look closely, the background is very similar to the...
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    How come Terra and Lingering Sentiment take a differnet keyblade?

    It's not all that different. I'm thinking LS's keyblade is just a more detailed version of Terra's. The armor is the same way, too - they're similar but one is just more detailed (and a little more advanced-looking) than the other.
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    Mystery Character ..

    It's Terra. If you look closely at the hair and compare it to another screen shot from the actual game pics [not the Birth by Sleep secret ending from FM+], you'll see the similarities of the shadow's hair. And, I apologize for not knowing where it is I saw this, but there was another shot of...
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    Kingdom Hearts Melee?

    I haven't gone through all the forums, so I'm not sure if anyone's posted something like this already, but here goes. Just an idea came to mind. You know how there's that Super Smash Bros. Melee game for gamecube, where all those Nintendo characters come to fight each other? I think it would be...
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    key blades

    I agree with you. They do look very similar.