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    kh2 commercial for NA

    well when it comes close there will be two commercial or more since Kh:com had two commercials
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    Anyone Who Says The Word Noob Is The Biggest Loser In The World!!! This Isn"t A Discussion!!! This Is The Truth!!! Everytime The Word Noob Is Used God Looks Down At Earth And Says Moron!!!!
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    EGM magazine online?

    Okay by now some of you must know about the egm magazine being online and supposedly this is suppose to be true, but the one thing that doesn't add up is the fact that the egm site has the release date as 3/15...while the magazine "supposedly" says the end of march. This is not about the release...
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    egm in feb

    I'm curious as to when the next issue of egm comes out since its suppose to have a kh 2 section that might have a release date or at least tell us some of the voice actor. If you know the release date for the magazine could u please write it or if u have it in the mail when do u usually get it?
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    MWHA HA HA!!! foolish people who still thinks it comes out in march...MWHA HA HA HA!!! But to those of you know that it wont be march...good for you!! YAY!!!
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    Passion/Sanctuary Observation

    it hasn't been four years...it hasn't even been three and a half
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    KH2 Release Date

    Stop Freaking Out About The Release Date!!! Get A F***ing Life And Stop Caring About What People Say About The Release Date!!!!! Everyone Is In Hurry For It To Come Out But We Should Be Updated About This So Stop Acting Like A F***ing Moron!!! If He Wants To Put A Release Date Then Do It And The...
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    My KH2 PAL Release Analysis

    actually according to one forum that was closed (control freaks)...the release date might be march 15 according to the egm magazine website, which is reliable for many reasons...1:its unique and no other site has it....2.They have a big kh 2 section in the issue for next month...3. They have an...
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    L2? R2?

    I must know what you need it for out of curiousity, but yeah I guess your right
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    L2? R2?

    What do you use the L2 and R2 buttons? Cause my L2 and R2 buttons are broke except for on one controller thats already broken.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 soundtrack names

    WRONG SOUNDTRACK!!!! lol but I and II are very confusing if u dont look carefully enough. it happens to the best of us. In case u try to say I'm wrong...deep jungle refers to tarzan...tarzan isn't in kh 2 (legal issues)
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    Atlantica Musica?

    But I like getting the whole story so I'll play it plus I'll like it the first time and be like "LA LA LA LA...okay I'm done." But the music boss fight actual sounds interesting depending how its done
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    Atlantica Musica?

    Ok when I found out that Atlantica was going to be musical...I sighed to myself and then said Norumora is p***** off at us...I mean whenever a gamer makes a complaint about the game, the developer seems to get ticked off and do something to make us mad while making the rest of the game a whole...
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    Chance's of EXTRA in kh2....

    Um...yeah...its only been september 2002...one year (september 2003)...two years (september 2004)...three years (septemebr 2005)...Jan 2006...um..thats not even four years
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    Kingdom Hearts II OST Converted...

    For people that actually know the downloading laws...is it illegal to download this soundtrack or the soundtrack of shows that are not in the US or liscenced by the US?
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    Young Ansem to Old

    actually in gundam wing (all japanese voices) they had many different cultures done by japanese people. This has been done by a number of video games and shows, so yeah first your wrong and second what does that have to do with anything I said? I need to stop looking at this
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    Young Ansem to Old

    um...sure I guess I'll accept that...but one thing I never said SE or Disney are racist...cause they aren't the ones making the character designs or the actual game...that'd be the people working for Tetsuyanorimua (I butchered the name and The heads of Square and Disney who represent disney and...
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    Young Ansem to Old

    Because the closed down the last one for no good reason...they should at least give a reason
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    Young Ansem to Old

    Is young ansem a lot lighter than older ansem? I'm asking cause I am trying to make a stand against racist anime and racist games! (*note* I dont care if there are no minority heroes I just dont want...one evil minority against a bunch of white or japanese people. That is wrong and don't close...
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    KH2 vs Zelda

    NO!!! they need to be a week to a month a part from each other...so that they can rule the world TOGETHER!!! SORA AND LINK THE UNSTOPPABLE DUO THAT KILLED HALO!!!!!! (we can dream...can't we?)