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    What could go wrong with KH2

    If the storyline lacks and you do is go around and beat up Disney Villians ><.
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    They haven't said whether or not Diz is in the organization. All of the organization members we've seen so far have black coats.
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    What Dual Keyblade Pair do you want Sora to use in KH2?

    One Winged Angel and Diamond Dust... or... Oblivion and Oathkeeper. They alll are so cool xD.
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    Have you ever wondered how they came up with kingdom hearts

    I was hecka suprised to find out that Disney and Square were going to make a game together with Disney's many characters and characters from Square's Final Fantasy. I mean, who would've thought? Maybe Square-Enix wanted to make a game aimed at a slightly younger age group.
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    Who beat game 100%

    I got 100%, except getting all the items. Which I really have no time to do.
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    How in the world do you get the cards for the last door in Castle Oblivion?

    Yeah, that happended to me too ><. I was playing the game for played the game for three more days just to find that card -_-". I found the card I needed at Hollow Baston. Just keep trying and you will eventually find the card you are looking for. Good Luck! ^^
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    Kingdom Hearts Novelization

    I like you idea with the whole Riku and his mother having issues. I think it might be hard to write a novel based on Kingdom Hearts, at least it would be for me. I think you should go for it. Good luck with your story. ^^ BTW... The only gown-up you ever even hear of is Sora's mother in the...
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    Help with Riku IV.

    Riku IV is said to be the hardest boss in the CoM. Here are my tips: Attack constantly with high leveled keyblade cards. Put in some level "0" cards. (I reccomend level 0 Kingdom Key cards) Don't use magic. Don't use sleights, your sleights will waste your cards and be broken by Riku's "Dark...
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    Am I the only person who hasn't completed Kingdom Hearts?

    Re: Am I the only person.... I have to say I never known anyone who had KH for two years and haven't beaten it. If your copy still worked, I would've helped you.
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    is riku really dead

    In the first Kingdom Hearts they never said that Riku is dead. If you want to know more about Riku and his whereabouts play Chain of Memories.
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    New theory about the BFU

    Great theory. I always wondered why Riku kept mentioning his sense of smell in CoM. Maybe he used the blindfold for training to improve his sense of smell.
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    The 'X' factor

    Re: The 'X' factor ((Kinda stupid)) I heard the same thing on the Game FAQs forums. Anyways, I don't think there is a reason for this. I think it is just to make it sound cool. In math, "X" is the unknown variable. So, X is considered to describe something unknown. I don't know about you, but...
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    Axel vs. Marluxia!!!

    Axel seems to be a stronger and more important character in KHII so I bet Square will make him stronger. But, I think in a real battle Axel would win.
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    The first Kingdom Hearts Commercial

    Re: DO U REMEMBER THE KH1 commercial? LOL! I saw the secret lab lab thingy... one word... "disgrace". The Disney Chanel acts as if they did all of the work making the game. They made the game look really bad in that secret lab thingy. Not once did they mention Final Fantasy or Square...
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    We rarely see Riku but why is he so important?

    Re: Isn't it funny They do this to tease us. Most of the trailers show Sora fighting or organization members. We don't know a whole lot about the organization so that is why they are there. Sora is the main character so that is why he is there. As for Riku not being in trailers or images is...
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    When leveling up in COM . . .

    I focused on Hp in the beginning then CP later when it got to the point where I need to add more cards to my deck. And got a sleight everytime I got the chance.
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    Namine... Na-mee-nay. I thought it was Na-mee-nay the whole time but I wasn't really sure.
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    Cards or Classic?

    I don't know why people dont like the card system. I liked both. I liked the card system for it's easier to use sleights and they are much more effective then the classic KH abilities and for being able to stop enemy's attacks with card break. However, I like the classic KH better because it is...
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    Help finding White Mushrooms

    I just walked around the worlds until I found a few White Mushrooms. If you are looking for "Mystery Goo", bounce the Rare Truffle on your head (using Areo) ten times. The trick is to hit it with the side of the Areo not the top, that way it won't bounce as high. Best place to find Rare Truffles...
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    Did KH change your aspect over Disney?

    KH did change my veiw on Disney. I bought the game for the Final Fantasy characers that would be in it and I ended up liking the new characters, the FF characters and Disney.