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    anythign new

    i haven't been on in a month so ca nanyone tell me anythign new discoveries from the month of october?
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    deep dive

    well i'm just wondering something about the bhk in deep dive if that's really him at all this may have been in the forums before but i didn;t check so we. the deep dive video was made a long time before kingdom hearts 2 right? in that we see a dude with oathkeeper and oblivion and we've seen...
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    glowing eye unown theroy

    if that was soras shell than sora would be pure heart and GEU would be the body. i doubt sora is just a heart. and in the trailer it says "he looks just like You" it could be that riku replica somehow comes back since he;s a shell and joins the 13th order (probably not though) . and if the GEU...
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    Is Riku really Blind?

    what ever no one will ever know until kh2 comes out. but if he;s the GEU then that would be a good reason to have a blindfold.
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    Tidus isn;t that much of an important character so i doubt he's the BHk
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    Diz is not Amsem

    Ansem says in his reports that he cast his body to become heartless. ansem could be the heart because he has a heartless sign and DiZ could be the body that he casted away. Vexen says he works for someone like diz could mean someone similar to ansem. and Diz If he is a shell then you have the...
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    RIku Replica

    namine crushed that heart and he came back and marluxia calls him a shell.
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    RIku Replica

    oh yeah i forgot that they are all nobodies.
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    BFU (Riku) Exists -- Unofficial Riku/BFU thread

    sometime in reverse rebirth he riku says 1 of the larger scents have dissapeared. thats when marluxia was defeated. also sora was in the pod when riu met up with him if you matched up the basements with the floors it was a good effort but they aren;t supposed to match up like that. and riku...
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    Sort of stupid theory

    thanx for not thinking my theory is stupid. but i don;t think ansem is the superior because vexen meets riku and says i mistaked your scent for the superior. so he either smelled ansem and ansem and DiZ are alike or riku clouded ansems scent. but would you expect a group of shells to be leaded...
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    Sort of stupid theory

    well Diz is most likely the shell of ansem but maybe not but if he is then maybe he wants to get riku and become a full being again since ansem exists in riku. yeah but i'm probably wrong so flame away.
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    ok well first off mickey and riku aren't confirmed Org. members and most of the org members are shells so dont say that mickey and riku are. and also as anyone but me says they don;t have an x in their name.
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    RIku Replica

    After You face RR for the last time you and RR have a convo and he says (RR) where will my heart go now? i thought he was a shell and even marluxia calls him that. Namine collapses his heart but when axel let him absorb zexion maybe he stole his heart? but i'mnot sure but let's discuss.
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    BFU (Riku) Exists -- Unofficial Riku/BFU thread

    Riku Replica was a shell as marluxia tells him in KHCoM and that could get him in the org but nomura said the BFU was riku though didn;t he? and you finally destroy riku replica in reverse rebirth.
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    Is Riku really Blind?

    there would be no reason to be blind. but if he was he could probably use his dark powers to sense people and stuff without his eyes.
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    Playing the game twice..

    i hate beating games twice unless i did a crappy job the first time. in kh i got ultima in my first file but i definitely didn't wanna get another in in my other file
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    Axel or Ansem?

    axel definitely
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    Really stupid question

    yeah i agree with kairissocute and maybe the org banded together as all shells to get their full beings back. but I don;t know i'm probably wrong I don;t know. edit. In KHCoM marluxia called riku replica a shell. if all the org members are shells then maybe somehow riku replica came back...
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    BHKs Awakening and Sora

    in a kh2 trailer i found you see a huge dusk with bhk about to fight it, the platform you fight on looks like the first ever darkside battle with sora in his awakening. yeah if you want to see the trailer it's below. http://www.khonline.net/extras/mov/kh2trailerxplay.wmv
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    the ending is sad but i'm sort of heartless and try not to show emotions. i'm sort of cold so i didn;t really cry.