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    Fun in KHII!

    There are a number of signs to show that the us release of kh2 was rushed, even though it may be rushed, it is still a great game and i think square did a great job.
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    Favorite Boss

    I know the KH series have throw a bunch of different enemys and boss's our way but what would everyone consider there fav? I personally like Sephiroth but thats just my opinion.:)
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    FAV. KeyBlade

    The Lionheart for me..... hince the name.
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    KH2 sephiroth is easier than KH1

    Hey "The Jesus" Im not sure if you could kill him on lvl 40 with the kindgom key, At lvl 60 maybe but at lvl 40 id say you health bar would be a little bit low to take a combination of his attacks. :)
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got mine yesterday at wal-mart and i have played it ever since, it is a great game and all of you should get it ASAP
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    Does anyone create new Gummi Ships?

    In the first one, i loved sitting there and making new ships, i just got the game friday so im sure a little later on in the game that i will make a ship or two
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    Square has always been a little harsh when it comes to putting games out on time, but i would rather they spend more time making the game instead of rushing it and it not be as good, it takes a while but im sure it wont disappoint when we finally get to play.
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    KH1 cheats

    Cheats are fun on some games, but to me on a sqare rpg, cheating is just taking away from the gameplay. Im sure those of you who played ff7 spent days of your time fighting and gaining exp/ap getting ready for the sephiroth, and in KH its all the same. When you get lvl 100 on an rpg (without...
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    KH2 Limited Edition Question

    Very interesting yes, if there was a LE version of KH2 it would be cool to see what extra stuff they put in it.
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    What are you most looking forward to do in KH2?

    Kingdom hearts 2 is and will be the best looking ps2 game this year its only competition will be FF12(which im really looking forward to) :)
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    Do you think KH2 is going to be good?

    of course, KH2 will rock my sox!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 V.S Halo 2

    KH2 or Halo 2, both very good games ill give you that, but you cant possibly put them in the same catagory, Halo is king of first person shooter and grab all the frights for some multiplayer, but when it comes to a good ole fashion SE game gotta love the kingdom hearts and the Final Fantasy series.
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    Your Favorite KH / KH2 Quotes

    "No donald, dont touch me there!!!" ok its not in the game but hey
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    kh2 for the psp

    I dont think the psp has enough buttons or feathures for a game of KH complexity, (even though i own one) but FF for the GBA was nice so hey who knows...
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    KH2 official site

    Square Enix hasnt even updated the advent children english website in over a year, odds are they wont update it for a while.
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    cloud vs auron

    Auron was one of my Fav chars in FF10, but cloud is the jack and would rape auron or any other FF char hands down.
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    Destiny island fighting

    isn't there a way where u can fight wakka tidus and selphie all three at the same time at the begining of the game...thats what i heard some where on the internet i dont really remember. but if u know how please tell me, it will be greatly appreciated.
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    Sora Vs Riku

    Ok, ive been playing KH for some time now and i like both Sora and Riku and i was just wondering, who everyone else thinks is the coolest or best.