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    FAV. KeyBlade

    oath keeper and hidden dragon
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    Cerberus Cup

    thnx :)
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    Cerberus Cup

    he's easy i just run out of time :(
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    Cerberus Cup

    I am lvl 29 and i cant beat the cerberus cup because i always run out of time while fighting cerberus. Can someone give me some tips on beating cerberus?:confused:
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    It was an accident!

    but dont you need to beat ALL the worlds including winie the pooh :( to get the secret ending in proud:confused:
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    What Level are you on?

    lvl 3 day 5 at twilight town
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    KH2 Commercial on Cartoon Network

    i havent seen it yet and i was watching cartoon network and disney chanel all day yesterday. :(
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!

    I want kh2 and i want it today not tommarow even if i have to steal it from gamestop jk :)
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!

    lol im glad i reserved it too :D same here twilightsoulkey but my dad has to pick it up while im at school :(
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Kingdom Hearts 2 day!!!!!!! :)
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    the kh2 commercial is at kh-2.net!

    OMG kingdom hearts 2 commercial! :eek: the gamestop one is better still its awsome. GO utada :D
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    1up KH2 Advertisement

    i guess but isnt this thread a little pointless? :confused: i mean its only 1 day away and you guys act like its the first video for KH2 that you seen.(no offence)
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    Port Royal EDITED??

    exactly, but disney is filled with such idiots that dont like guns.(i guess)
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    pongo summon

    this is kinda stupid but whos pongo? :confused:
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    Poll:Who would win, valor, wisdom, or regular form?

    Valor all the way if i could i would pick master :cool:
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    Once you have KH2...will you play KH?

    HELL ya i will! :)