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    Wait...Where did they go?

    The other day I watched "The World that Never Was" cutscenes and something didnt make sence to me. After Namine breaks Kairi out of the cell and they saved from Saix's attack by Riku, where does she go? Is that when they fuse together? She is there for a second to thank Riku, then completely...
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    Co-Op Moves

    Does anybody know where you can download/watch some of the different co-op moves? Ive seen a few of them like Beast's, Mulan's, Simba's, and Auron's but what about the rest of them? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.:)
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    The Heart, Body, and Soul

    According to the newest info, Ansem divided himself in 3 pieces: heart, body, and soul. When he become a heartless, his heart is Ansem(which is in riku), his body is Diz, and his soul, apperently is, the EM. Well if this true, then the same should go for Sora and Kairi . They both lost thier...