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    Organization 13: Who would you be?

    I would definitely be Roxas :D Or maybe Zexion, just because i love his hair lol
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    Who liked Atlantica

    LMAO i just found a video of Sora singing. It's not so bad after a while, but my first reaction was horror, with a bit of embarrasment thrown in. It's so cheesy it's funny hahaha
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    My conversation was a complete waste of time. I live in the U.K. so i wasn't expecting a proper answer. Man: Hello, this is gamestation blah blah... Me: hi, do you know when you will be selling Kingdom Hearts 2? Man: What's that? Me: (hangs up) :'(
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    Which Keyblade do you want for KH2?

    two ultima weapons would be awesome lol. or oathkeeper and lionheart :)
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    Will KH2 sell out when it comes out?

    where I live, the only people who have heard of kingdom hearts are the people who I've told :) I don't have to worry about it selling out in my local game shop
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    A most unspeakable evil...

    get a bow and arrow. attach a sucker thing to the front end of the arrow. tie a piece of string to the back end of the arrow. stand outside the gameshop and shoot a KH2 game. then drag it outside. no one will ever know :)
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    Wizard? (possible spoiler)

    do you mean the guy from fantasia? the one where mickey meakes the brooms come to life?
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    What Have You Done To Quench Your Need For KH2?

    I'm watching a smany trailers and finding as many pictues as I possibly can. My local gamestore hasn't caught on to KH2 yet... slow idiots. lol.
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    What is your plan for KH Day 2006? :D

    I am going to attach myself onto the front of the shop until it opens. When it does open, I am going to run into the shop, grab the game, throw some money at the man behind the counter and run away. :) I will not sleep for a week.
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    Roxas **SPOILER**

    hahaa. I saw a clip of Roxas in a really high chair with the other members of the organisation, that was a bit of a giveaway.
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    Funny KH2 Video!!!!

    Sora: Hello, I'm a piece of crap LMAO Pete: I'm fat and I like it hahahahaa
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    Kingdom Hearts II poll

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    interview voices

    I was shocked when I heard how much Osment's voice had changed...
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    Personally, I think Jesse McCarteney sounds like a complete nancy boy. I don't think that suits Roxas.
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    KH2 Keyblade **SPOILER**

    I prefer the ultima weapon in blue. The old one reminded me of a sunflower for some bizarre reason
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    About Roxas' English Voice... ^^;

    whoa that jesse boy sounds really camp
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    Was kh com worth it

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    Post your deck & favorite world!

    Yep, and I'm immensly proud of it :D
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    Which path? (inspired poll)

    I chose Dawn, not quite sure why lol.
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    Post your deck & favorite world!

    My level for sora is 99, and I worked hard to get it to that. It won't go any higher. My deck is: wishing star 2 ultima weapon 4 oathkeeper 3 fairy harp 9 one winged angel 7 pumpkinhead 7 mushu 8 fire 8 fire 8 cloud 9 cloud 9 cloud 9 fire 9 lady luck 8 crab claw 9 thunder 9 thunder 9 thunder 7...