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    Do You think KH2 will be a Greatest Hits Game for PS2

    It must be. And thanks to them that delete my Posts.Iam really angry about that.
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    Wow... just wow...

    This video is great it doesnt look difficult but for the first boss. I cant wait to play it myself
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Its really good thanks for the link! I was searching so much time!
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    English and Japanese Passion

    Did you think that it will be a english version of Passion? i hope so because it comes out in germany and america and then somebody doesnt understand the song, that would be ...hmn...just boring i think. Could one of you give me that link to that song? I know its not the right Passion song but...
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    need help! can you explain about sora and roxas?

    hi guys i hope you can help me( of course if you want) Can you tell me about the connection between sora and roxas? iam not sure about it! And please, make it not difficult to read, i cant english that much like you guys do.