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    major question

    ok thx i think i might play it anyway :-P :-D
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    major question

    ok im not a newbie to the game but im puzzled about this: do u need to know or do u need to play CoM to know whats going on in KH2?:confused: and thanks for the posts
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    mystery goos???

    well thank u everyone for ur help and ill try all of the ways said here thx agian :-)
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    mystery goos???

    hey thanks king sora i think ill try that
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    mystery goos???

    one simple question: where is the easiest way to get mystery goos:confused: ive played forever and i only had like 2 or 3! i need help thanks
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    Red trinity

    are there any more trinitys in the manor?
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    were do u get cryistal crowns?
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    hardest kh1 boss

    WHAT IS THIS BAT THING IN THE VALCANO AND WERE IS HE OR IT? srry about the caps im frustrated
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    how much munny do you have.

    i never really look at mine :-P ill have to look next time
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    Possible Worlds?

    and what plant?
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    Possible Worlds?

    jane never disapered!! r u nuts lol j/k alice is one of the princesses of heart
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    Ansem and Diz theory

    and do u think it will have a lot to do with the second kh?
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    Ansem and Diz theory

    is CoM good? i havent played it yet
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    Who do you think is BFK?

    Re: Who do u think is the BFK??? well if riku is a regular person and BFU then he isnt blind
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    Possible Worlds?

    o! and i think that jungle book would be a great world to play although they would have to animate it :-(
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    Possible Worlds?

    if u go back to HB u can see all the princesses of heart (exept bell shes in the library) were u fought mellifesent :-) i play to much :-D
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    BHK theory

    he means that if sora (the one u play as) is light then what is his dark side? and if BHK is his NEO side then there would have to be another sora makes some sense?
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    Cloud in KH2???

    i hope leon is back he was a major character
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    I have a theory...

    i totaly agree with this theory but there was never a real king of HB so there wouldnt be a princess, but i agree with the daughter part great game :D