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    Mickey's message the bottle

    Alright, here's a question i've been asking myself and i can't seem to find the answer. It's kinda stupid but still, i need an answer. Ok, so at the end of KH2, sora riku and kairi get a message from the king in a bottle. I just don't get why the heck he sent his message in a bottle. If it was...
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    where is this place *spoilers* alil bit

    the dark beach, I ain't got a clue either. it's some place that belongs to the darkness i think.
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    funniest part!!

    nope it's in the end when tron starts to dance. just put a good smile on my face.
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    What was that machine at the end of kingdom hearts??

    oh yeah that machine in end of the world. i remember, i wondered what it was for also.
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    I'm not the type that whines, but i'm gonna go ahead anyway. I'm up here in Canada, in a city called Gatineau ( right beside Ottawa, our capital) and i can't find no place that sells the game before the 30th. also i'm pretty pissed about it. But then again 48 hours is nothing compared to 4 years...
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    kh supporters

    That'S the whole reason why i bought my ps2 last year. getting prepared for the ultimate game.
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    Anyone know where I can download CoM?

    MetalChocobo002 my dear man you are better off finding the game cause you shouldn't support illegal downloading especially if you are a big fan of Kingdom Hearts. Just a thought for you.
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    KingdomHearts 2 Piano Collections!!! oO.

    OOooooooooooooooooooo!!! nice me boy. good find.
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    I stand by what Engulfed said, they've had more than enough time. they where translating it even when it wasn't in out in japan ( i remember them saying that the guy who does beast's voice was comming in to work on it ). This is one of the most delayed games ever and I'm sick and tired of...
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    Has anyone heard....

    You have GOT to tell me how you got it cause i've been looking all over for it!!!! PM PLEASE ANYONE ABOUT IT.
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    Your KH2 Import Impressions

    What the hell are you talking about. My friend's got it, he says the game is harder, much longer, better and sadder. He says the game has so many sidequests and minigames that the game could take you 80hrs to finish.
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    Has anyone heard....

    WHoaw man, find us a link. sounds like good news. we just need proof.
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    KH2 ending FMV...?

    I don't agree, there will be a scene just wait and see. they wouldn't just make it for no reason. on the back cover of th KH there's a FMV of sora and it was used, But that doesn't prove much but still.
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    Role of Kairi?

    Yeah probably the Org doesn't want her top interfere with sora so they just kidnap her.
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    Tifa Confirmed?!

    Looks like her, wouldn't be surprised. the again it might not be cus the graphics do look a little bad and i'm not sure that's KH2. But I do recall reading that she might appear. nice find .:KL:.
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    Somthing Funny

    Ya i'm pretty sure they said that somewhere. Also sora looks like a fag now with his tiny little clothes. Totaly needs to change. So true. exactly what i'm thinking. I'm just gunna stay dumb struck
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    new info about final form and cloud.

    same here. but nice bettermanlamia for finding this. hope for once that it's real.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Jump Festa 2006!

    I doubt they'll release alot of information on the eve of the release. you gotta make sure the fans are fully out of their minds for having to wait for 3 god damn years. Stupid square, about time for the game to come out.
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    Imagine for John Lennon

    25 years today, none of us were even born. But still, you have to agree with me on this, he made great music, he was a great man with the greatest intentions. Not alot of people will see this thread, but for those who do stumble upon it, do give us a peice of what you think about him.
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    new Teaser for pirates of the carrabean 2

    Hey hey hey, for all you Johnny Depp, orlando bloom and kiera knightly fans, there's a new teaser out for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest http://movies.go.com/screeningroom Here know talk about it and tell me what you think, and if it's already been posted well too bad. edit: sorry...