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    does anyone agree

    just a theory i think that the guy in the black and red suit with the helment is Sora,i mean he kinda walks like him,he's good with the keyblade and the way roxas reacted when he saw him make me think. i mean if roxas is there sora could be to right???? so i was just wondering if anyone agrees???
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    Sora's Dream

    about a year after i beat the first game i started to think maybe the whole games a dream (which would be awful) and dont think it is so much anymore but.....right before the storm hit on the Destiny Islands Sora was in bed and looked kind sleepy.
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    Kh2:FM+ in America

    i hope it is, that would be so sweet
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    yup i beat it with no walkthrough, i was on standard mode