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    the most inportant thing in KH2

    I want a good story and a selection of PCs.
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    I'm not a christian, but I agree. The thing is that the bible was the original light v dark story, and so every other light v dark story will draw some parallels...
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    Kairi Plot Twist? Just a theory...

    In my defence a) i have completed KH and thought it was one of the best games ever. However, the european version of the game did not include the eleventh ansem report, so I didn't know she was sent by him from hollow bastion b) Riku summoned the meteor shower seen in the KH2 trailer because...
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    Fragment Theory

    It is fairly whack, but it could work. I like it!
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    Kairi Plot Twist? Just a theory...

    This might have been picked up on before (I'm a n00b to these forums), but you know that the meteor shower signified the joining of the worlds, and the joining of the dimensions, etc? And that in KH2 Riku has summoned the shower because people are in the wrong worlds? Well think over this... I...