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    RE: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast

    Re: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast ..........they better have Quinton Flynn voicing Axel. If not, Im not buying the game! Screw Sora and Riku; Axel is hotter!!!!
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    weird idea abut terra, aqua and ven's keyblade

    Dont know much about your pathways, but I do know this: Twilight and Dawn are not the same thing. Twilight is the precursor to nightfall and Dawn comes before morning. Not wanting to bore you all, but Twilight is often referenced to as the ending or closing of something while Dawn emodies...
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    Wistful Question

    Is there a possiblity that there will be manga for the upcoming KH games? They produced KH: CoM, and it did pretty goodl, so.... Well, it is a bit early to speculate, seeing as how they arent even released in [I]Japan[I yet. In any case, sorry for taking up space on the forum board but let me...
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    Action Replay/Swap Magic Question

    Oh my gosh, i need the exact same help, except that I have a slim line ps2 and I have no idea what I need to play KHIIFM+ (even though I already ordered the game). Can someone please take the time to explain to me what I need and the best place to get them? :confused: