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    Play this game and tell me if you like it...

    It's a game that I play almost everyday, it's really fun. Check it out. CLICK HERE TO PLAY!
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    I'm trying, I healed him today. If I could post in it more than once a day it would help.
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    His element is illusion, allowing him to mimic others' weapons and create duplicates of himself.
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    Oblivion's powers

    Which is going to be awsome. They should have made it on PS2 in the first place.
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    Lindsay Lohan

    Got admitted into rehab yesterday. True story. Read the newspaper. She's an "alcholic".
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    Sword of the Rightful King - Jane Yolen

    I randomly checked out this book at my school library and recently finished reading it. It's basically the story of King Arthur with a bit of a twist. I was just wondering if anyone else had read it and if so what are your thoughts on the book?
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    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    My guess is that she likes you. Take it like this, talk to her about it but be kind of "not very knowing" about it. For example: Ask her if she kissed you......."I was half asleep that night, but I could almost swear that you kissed me on the cheek.......did you?" If she denys it she may...
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    They call me Cloud I'm into Kingdom Hearts as well as SEVERAL other games. I love graphics, I can basically do anything you want with photoshop. Well, that's about it. Hi everybody!