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    That sentences.... At the and of ASAS...

    wow...... i think my liege must be about Pete (Yes PETE don't go all googoo eyed) and his minions are saying that to him.. i don't know. what confuses me is "sora, why?" can it mean sora made a bad move?
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    Gamespot E3 Impressions

    yeah i know...... say what!!!!! (gasp) you have my real name!!!!!!!!!!!! My real name is Nico!!!!!
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    BHK theory

    I side with sorarocks, if he was not twilight he would not be holding an oblivion and an oathkeeper
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    4 months to go!

    if it was boring......... why would anybody even care then??? Also, come ;on! you should see the pictures! it is anything but boring
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    bhk (sorry)

    some wacko in another forum like this said it was tyson........ but why tyson?
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    Custom Keyblade names and descriptions

    the title says it all...... name your keyblade and its qualities...... no limits to this!!!!!! mine: Judgment description: draws its power from twilight sources. increases MP by 12
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    KH2 Title

    If you could pick the title what would it be? hmmm.....
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    if you could change the game......

    Make it multiplayer!!!!!
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    Sora's new abilities

    wild theory there but interesting...........................
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    Sora's new abilities

    Those are cool pictures you got there, THE_BLACK_MAGE. say, do you know any rumors about any more of his abilities?
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    if you could change the game......

    Monstro stunk
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    Sora's new abilities

    it would be so cool if sora had an ability so that for a level all the heartless in that world will disappear
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    Sora's new abilities

    good point. i'll just keep fusing with goofy because he can make sora hold two keyblades, which would possibly end a fight in a heartbeat.
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    if you could change the game......

    How's about being able to enter Disney Castle?
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    if you could change the game......

    totally right there. tarzan was weak. even at lvl 100 he was weak
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    Sora's new abilities

    well i do agree about the flying part. what if you could go invisible?
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    if you could change the game......

    if you could change the game what will you change? me, i'd change it so you can have a choice of what kind of character you want to control
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    Sora's new abilities

    I wonder how many abilities sora will have? in this website, it said he will have a wall jump ability. I can't wait to see that!