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    When did you first see Kh1?

    I saw the commercial for it, and thought it might be interesting, so, I ended up getting it for christmas (along with my ps2)a few months after I saw the commercial . It was the first video game I beat and the first ps2 game I ever had. I've been playing since december 2002 and have been...
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    Not exactly new ;)

    Hello! I joined these forums over a year ago, but I never really introduced myself, so now I'm back! (no one probaly remembers me heh) I hope to make friends this time around! *waves*
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    I Previewed Kingdom Hearts 2!

    Oh yeah I was there at CCI with my friends. I saw the game, but I didn't get too play it. I didn't here anything about a release date, maybe I should ask the people at the Square-enix booth... But there was a thing called bushido with auron and u did some kind of spinning move with him...
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    Most kawaii anime or manga character

    For those of you who don't know, kawaii is "cute" :)
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    Best/Worst World in KH?

    Best: Hollow Bastion or End of the World Worst: Monstro sucked
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    Katamari Damacy

    What do you hink of he game? I thought it rocked.
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    Does everyone hate me?!

    AH, it just seems like I keep posting, and nobody reconizes me much, I don't have any online friends, MAN THIS SUCKS!
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    Anime or Westerns

    What would you rather watch, anime or western cartoons? Anime is teh best!^_^
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    Why the 'opposite' Heart theory doesn't work

    Yeah, but what i don't understand is why Square would introduce new characters if they didn't have some in depth meaning in the storyline, but, ah well...I feel like a noob
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    What is it about kingdom hearts...

    I love the storyline and the movies like DD & ASAS, and I found this site when I was looking for a place to download DD.
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    which would be better: with or with out cards

    I really don't like the cards, I'm too use to the old fighting style. I haven't even beat Halloween town yet :(
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Larxene and Zexion are my personal favs
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    Anyone beat CoM yet?

    If so, give us the details!!
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    Fanfiction ► Fanfic

    Great as usual. Please PM me!