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    just posing a question

    No body knows (I think) at least not me im hoping for at least the newfangled E 10+ rating (everyone ten and up)
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    I doubt it will be in americia *sigh* ahh well
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    Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

    okey dokie, thats reassuring, I guess since all of Riku’s ( I was going to say girlfriends but I jump to conclusions too fast) umm.. oh hell, girlfriends, are crazy… is she going to end up being riku Girlfriend, or is that just what we are supposed to think?
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    i found somthing really wierd

    Yeah what oathkeeper said!
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    KH2 Mystery worl......

    yeah, they just make them from some world in KH, Leon and Yuffie were from hollow bastion. Just because he's in the underworld dosnt mean he's dead. I thought auron had made a deal with Hades, like cloud did in KH but changed his mind. Is this correct or am I crazy?
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    Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

    I'd go, why not? sounds nifty. Ooooooh myra... BUM BUM BUM! Splendifferous chapter!
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    Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

    MAN, I missed alot of stuff not being online for two or three days. But anywhooseter... great chapters! they just keep getting better and better. Sandy made me so crazy I accidently shot myself in the foot, it hurt, because...that kinda thing hurts, ya know. MORE!
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    Fanfiction ► Destiny Islands Reality Show!

    WOAH!! PIZZA DUDES ARE EVIL!! POOP! meow... more
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay Pics!!!

    yea, she dosn't look exactly happy... Its cool, and im sure she was the only command menu. but what she must have been thinking...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay Pics!!!

    Wow...what was that lady thinking? "Hmmm i think ill dress up as the command menue from kingdom hearts! yeah, thats genius!"
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    Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

    but dont worry gabe, GOATS ROCK!!!! more!
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    Fanfiction ► Destiny Islands Reality Show!

    WOOOO! thats all i can remember how to say
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    the heartless will stop taking hearts!

    the machine at the end of the world that makes false heartless? That has this thingy on it... Ones born of the heart and darkness, devoid of hearts, ravage all worlds and bring desolation. Seize all hearts and consummate the great heart. All hearts to be one, one heart to encompass all...
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    lilo and stitch confirmed?

    meh, I dont know. Steamboat Willie will probably reveal somthing important in Mickey's past, possibly somthing to do with Pete. Lilo and stich would be...odd, I guess. But i wouldnt take these magizine scans too seriously.
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    It kinda bugs me ...

    it sorta helps beat the Ansem later on, if your on the brink of a level then you will go up one level, making it a little easier to beat him, but otherwise, no.
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    Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

    Yay! they shouldnt be allowed to keep the forums down that long, i was so confused. But cool chapter, yo!
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    Think about its meaning

    Heh?? Sounds cool though
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    gonna fly?

    thatd be cool I liked gliding. helps when you fall off stuff
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    check this out!

    yea. uhhh... meh. whatever