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    Did I introduce myself??

    Hello (: Not exactly new but I just realized that this board existed and that I never properly introduced myself. Once I joined, I sort of jumped straight into the Graphics and Kingdom Hearts forums ;) So obviously I like Kingdom Hearts, being the main reason I joined these forums. Other loves...
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    CD sounds amazing. Might check on Ebay later. Anyway, the music didnt give me goosebumps (lol) but it was very well set. Matched the gameplay and everything. What is the Riku music?
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    Best voices

    I LOVED Axel's voice! Quinton Flynn owns! And Riku, of course. Oh, and definitley Sephiroth!
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    Xehanort's dead

    So Xehanort's dead. And so is his heartless and maybe nobody.
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    well...., another theory....

    Hmm...maybe. Most of the "BIRTH BY SLEEP" theories have some sort of connection of Roxas being born while Sora was sleeping, but, yeah, I was thinking somewhere along the same lines. If the person's memory isnt forgotten, then maybe they can live on, but only as a memory.
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    well...., another theory....

    Very nice theory! Changes the way I look at things.
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    Mini Rumor on the Armored People (Chasers?)

    I really like your theory aswell. But one of the Chasers couldnt be Xemnas because I think it was mentioned that all of the Chasers were new faces. But, yeah, your is the best theory I have read in a while!
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    Hottest guys in KH2

    RIKU ALL THE WAY!!! Definitley no question about that. If not Riku, then axel.
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    I know there was a thread here where people request pictures, but my Bookmark for that thread isnt working anymore. Anyway, I am searching for some pictures of Axel. They are for a wallpaper. If anyone could help me or tell me where the old thread is, that would be awesome.
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    lol, you guys are hilarious! um...uhh...yeah...and..and I'm married to Riku! We can triple date! Of course I would pick RIKU!!!
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    Not exactly in te right thread but- Anyone know where any nice Kingdom Hearts 2/1 ringtones can be found? I just got a new phone and am dying to find one! They must be FREE by the way :p
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    Hi-Res pictures of Riku!

    Thanks! I was searching for that board...
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    Hi-Res pictures of Riku!

    I need some :( I've been searching everywhere and have found some on the forumns, but they are a bit blurry. If anyone has any, please post them! * Please let them be from KH2. Thank You!