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    hardest boss

    Considering CoM, I'd say the hardest boss fight was the chain of both Riku (Replica) IV and Larxene II, straight after another. It took a lot of concentration not to mess this one up. And maybe 4 tries. However, I haven't beaten Marluxia II yet, and neither have I actually STARTED on...
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    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    Theoretically yes, but this also requires a bit of practice before you actually know how big to make those circles you're running around in. Besides, I cannot remember how many times I bumped into Goofy while he uses his whatever-it's-called...
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    So why COULDN'T anyone say "Photo"?

    If I remember correctly, DiZ later told Riku that the Dusks were stealing the photos because they couldn't tell the difference between them and the real Roxas. That means that DiZ himself did NOT remove the word, the Dusks took it along with them. Not quite sure how that's supposed to be...
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    who do you think is the best fighting style in Organization XII?

    I'll have to base my judgement on KH2, as I haven't played CoM for a LONG time, and I never touched KH2:FM+, nor KH:FM. Axel: Axel was too easy as a boss battle, probably because he had to come in so early. But his habit of simply disappearing back into the flame walls surrounding the...
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    how do you beat xaldin

    As you say you are playing on expert mode, and since the recommended level is Level 40, I think, I'd suggest you add a few levels on top of it (maybe 43 or so) if you want to play safe. It is HIGHLY recommended to have Donald in the battle party during the fight. It is a wise idea to have high...
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    Anti-Form, useful?

    Perhaps most people here find it so bad because they do not know how to efficiently use it. Given an average player on normal mode who follows all the Level suggestions when entering the worlds (i.e. is at Lvl50 when he enters The World That Never Was), most bosses require mostly button mashing...
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    Anti-Form, useful?

    I think Anti-Form is very useful. It just requires a different playing style to use it efficiently. For normal enemies, the Anti-Form's quick attacks can effectively stunlock any enemy, and keep you out of danger. For bosses, effectively using Anti-Form involves knowing the boss and his attack...
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    Hello everyone... new to the forums.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and thought I'd introduce myself. The name's MrXIII ("Mister Thirteen", should be obvious). My brother visits these forums very regularly, and he told me you have an impressing community, along with a few subforums that might be of interest to me...