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    Deep Dive: Another Keyblade?

    ummm it was not that hard to guess,an i though you meant a new type but that old info -_-
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    Kh2 B4 Ff12?

    well you could also be wrong kh2 is released first,an as i ahve seen in the past 10-2 didn't live up to the wait it turned out to be boring,an the main chracter of ff are turning a little much gurly for my liking,cloud was a cool one,zidane was ok,squall was ok,tidus alright but that was the...
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    What you want to see in KH2 and what is your scale of impatience?

    Re: what you what to see in KH2 and what is your scale of impatientness ok i guess lets see start off with the scale it is 1/10,why am i not hyped even though i heard just byt he end of th game an suspected they make a sequel can never hang us off like that,i have just be calm an waited hanged...
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    Why is Kingdom Hearts II taking so long to release?

    Re: Does It Piss U Off? well just as many ahve said it is gunna take a long time to make this game all of you be calm an just wait,it hurts to make games like these guys just having the pressure of hving a game to come out when it supposed to is tough we fans put alot on them to get them to...
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    What Sqaure-Enix character do you want to be as an extra boss?

    zell couldn't hurt him he was one of the goodies,I couldn't see him turning bad -_-,I would like to see the most boss would be omega weapon,Just love to see that huge thing you gotta fight against hehe
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    Theme song suggestion for Kingdom Hearts II

    Re: this is a good song suggestion... well,I seemed to like the theme of simple and clean but that is a kh1 an as many said he has matured an not much of a kiddy not knowing keyblade master,so i say he shouldn't have that one,I say a more indepth song,I liked tears of memories that be a good...
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    Brand Spankin' New Theory!

    dude so hurtful,never do that -_-
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    Drive Mode (V2)

    I think if that is a possible an if he did become this "complete" sora then how come he was ok in the first but now is incomplete,but off if he did fuse with BHK he would be more powerful wouldn't he weild three keyblades like the oni style,two in hand an one int he mouth like zolo off of one piece
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    Somebody is missing????

    well,thats does not point to the concept that he is drak it could mean fusing,but we might as well wait for the game
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    Sora -vs- Riku

    Yea,they battled in Kh1 an sora had the strongest heart so he was thw winner,no the less -_-
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    Kare Kano

    One of the best anime/manga I ahve seen in a while,even though it been out for awhile,I would recommend this to any of my friends,it is a romance comedy,but it makes me think alot,I may get teary in some,an im a boy,so not many animes do this to me,just you guys should try it out
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    hmmm.. What will be the end of Kingdom Hearts 2???

    Oh a ending thingy,hehe what I want to see As someone already stated it gunna be a cliffhanger,but this one is gunna be sora an kairi runited an a kiss at the end,the game ends there,that be the best in my opioin
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    What Pairing of Keyblades do you want Sora to have?

    I just like his orginal keyblade,the one he got chosen with that be good,an if i had to have another to pair with it,has to be oathkeeper showing the love he has for kairi
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    Will KH2 be on dual layered DVD's or single layered?

    Well,yes It has been confirmed for awhile by the creator,it is exciting for it to be a little bigger i mean it is more the a little but im just happy it gunna be long sinc ei been waiting this long for the game
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    how long do we hav to wait

    You doubled posted that is not allowed try to watch what your doing,an also you guys will have to wait till E3,cuz thats when we will get all our news ^^